Team Beta

July 1, 2017

In the last few weeks, we showcased the third and second place winners of BSB Design’s company-wide Plan Duel competition. Third place winner, Breakthrough Solutions by Innovation (BSBI), focused on the innovators themselves, while the runner-up, The Kool-Aid Kids, focused on the idea of strictly an innovative workspace to stimulate growth and ideas.

Team Beta, the champions of the Plan Duel competition, took both of these key factors into consideration when creating their design, dubbed Beta Zone. The creative combination of work and relaxation lead them to take the top spot in the competition, winning them a trip to Los Angeles with our CEO, Dan Swift!


Beta Zone stood out to the judges for making the most out of the space dedicated to the Innovation Lab and solving additional inconveniences within the main BSB Design office. The team began by relocating BSB’s IT department to the rear of the lab to allow easy access to technical support for all the new technology in the lab. Team Beta also proposed moving a wall and relocating some equipment to allow for a larger conference room and the addition of a small phone booth for employees personal calls, as well as a coat closet.


In addition to solving extra problems, the team took into consideration the various ways humans work and collaborate, and the environmental factors that affect peak performance. The space includes three huddle areas ­- a cluster of sit/stand desks, a counter height video-conferencing table and a comfortable lounge height collaboration table. When innovators need a break, private relaxation pods with curtained dividers can be used to recharge, meditate or focus on an idea. To make the small space feel larger and brighter, glass walls would allow the maximum amount of light from the few exterior windows in the space, yet provide separation when in “privacy” mode. This minimizes disruptions to, or from, BSB’s main office space during intense brainstorming sessions or private meetings.



Team Beta knew technology access throughout the entire Innovation Lab space was crucial. They laid the groundwork with Thread, an ultra-thin power distribution system placed below the carpet which allows power stations to be positioned at key points in the lab.

With 11 BSB Design offices and a national client base, it’s not always easy to get all of the project partners in the same location so remote collaboration capabilities were a major factor in the final design. The Media:Scape center combines technology with furniture, making it easy to collaborate and share information with others around the world. A Microsoft Surface Hub for live screen-sharing and video conferencing adds another level of immediate connectivity for remote collaboration between BSB Design staff, clients, and others involved in the innovation process. Another critical piece of the plan was the use of Equil Smartpens and Smartmarkers and a SMART Kapp whiteboard to capture written notes and stream them to any device in real-time. Additional technology proposed included:


Beta Zone wasn’t designed to be all work and no play though. It emphasizes the importance of being alert and engaged to achieve full innovative potential. Brain teasers and puzzles in the lab will ignite users creative problem-solving skills. The floor plan also includes a small kitchenette because there is no better way to re-energize than with a savory snack and hydrating beverage. Innovators can stay focused on the task at hand without having to leaving the workspace for refreshments.

Overall, Beta Zone is the perfect combination of work and play to keep individuals stimulated and to spark innovative ideas. Beta Zone was designed to keep BSB Design employees ahead of the game and leading the world in innovative trends.