Our fast-paced world heavily relies on technology. It gives people the ability to get exactly what they want immediately. Information available at your fingertips is limitless. This technology has greatly changed design. Living means something different now. It means responsive. It means adaptive. It means ever-changing.When Jack Bloodgood founded BSB Design in 1966 out of a barn in central Iowa, technology was limited to very basic functions. The architecture and design process was all done by hand and in-person. Now, we have different programs and technology to help us work faster and better, providing our clients exactly what they want.


Going from hand-drawing plans to using Revit and being able to collaborate through “the cloud” allows for multiple people to work on the same plan at once. This significantly cuts production time and makes the entire process run more smoothly. Thanks to technology, we are able to provide clients with 3D renderings to get a feel for how a space will look, feel and live in an exact location. Building the home from the ground up in Revit allows us to understand how things work together. We are able to catch many more potential pitfalls before the next stage using this program.



We use advanced technology to develop fly-throughs of the inside and outside of a future project. This helps us get a feeling for the flow of a project or community – possibly in another part of the country – while sitting at our desk. This is a great addition to any clients’ project not only because it helps them to imagine what it will be, but also to use for proposals, creating buzz for the project and sales materials.


Taking 3D renderings and fly-through videos a step further, Virtual Reality gives our clients the ability to walk through a space before it’s even been approved. They have more control to explore the space on their own than with a typical fly-through video. This also expands on our Revit 3D renderings, allowing the client to see exactly what they’re getting and also helps catch any issues or needed revisions before construction begins – eliminating costly change orders. This video of our project, the ReNEWable Home with Meritage Homes, shows some of the capabilities of Virtual Reality.


Drones have given us the capability to easily view projects in every stage. From the first frame walk to the finished product, drones allow us the opportunity to get a more comprehensive and different perspective of the elevation. It’s awesome to use during the construction stage to get a full view of the project.

Actually implementing technology into design to create something responsive is critical to reaching today’s market. BSB Design works every day to study and predict trends before they arrive and these technologies are just some of the many tools we use to assist us.

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