In the world of architecture, achieving a balanced blend of architectural continuity and style is often seen as the holy grail. It’s about seamlessly integrating modern design elements while paying homage to the past, creating spaces that not only look good but also feel right.

Timeless Elegance in Celebration’s Island Village

Celebration, FL, is renowned for its neo-traditional community with a commitment to architecturally significant homes. In the development of Island Village, BSB Design embarked on a journey to recreate the authentic styles of the past while ensuring modern-day livability. The challenge was to infuse elements from the 1800s and 1900s into the design, such as large windows for natural light, expansive porches for air circulation, and simple geometries.

The BSB Design team embraced the challenge by meticulously incorporating these timeless elements into the homes. Large windows flood the interiors with light, double porches create inviting outdoor spaces and intricate detailing. The result is a collection of homes that seamlessly blend into the existing neighborhood, both in form and spirit.

Modern Farmhouse Flair at Hackney House

Hackney House at Pabst Farms in Oconomowoc, WI, shows the power of collaborative design. This modern farmhouse-style community echoes the past while embracing the present. The design solution was born from intensive multi-disciplinary collaboration, where the central focus was on creating a community-centric experience.

The clubhouse at Hackney House takes center stage, acting as the heart of the community. Surrounded by pathways and driveways, it encourages connectivity and engagement among residents. Townhomes, stacked flats, and garage buildings within the community draw inspiration from the contemporary farmhouse styling of the club, ensuring architectural continuity.

What sets Hackney House apart is its commitment to authenticity in design. The buildings exude modern farmhouse aesthetics, with board and batten siding and gable end detailing. The result is a consistent, elegant design that offers a sense of continuity and belonging to the residents.

In both Celebration’s Island Village and Hackney House at Pabst Farms, architectural continuity and style come together to create communities that feel like home from the moment future residents set foot inside. Good design is understanding the importance of preserving the essence of the past while embracing the possibilities of the future.

At BSB Design, we believe that good architecture tells a story. It’s a story of respect for tradition, innovation in design, and a commitment to elevating the lives of the residents that call these communities home.