Even the most respected structures need an update every once in a while. Successful renovation projects will update spaces to accommodate modern-day needs while maintaining the historic charm of the original building.


nullFirst opened in 1911, this country club was due for a revamp. A new concession building added additional square footage that blends into the original structure and design, and a new dedicated outdoor area offers space for patio seating and fire pits. The renovation enhanced the functionality of the newly expanded pool, and the front streetscape was also updated. Overall, the renovation provided better indoor-outdoor access in multiple locations around the club and has boosted traffic and sales.


nullAs a part of the restoration of an iconic hotel resort originating back to 1897, it was clear this project had to be unique while still respecting the area’s history. The challenge of creating a new design that emulated the original structure pushed our designers past “typical” architectural themes.

To connect the old and the new, the distinctive green roof used in the original Inn is incorporated into the townhomes, along with a strong gable roof and bracket detailing. This created a sense of affiliation between the brand new townhomes, but pieces of the historic design are still evident.


This 25,000 sq. ft. country club had completed a successful renovation previous to this one that focused on a few additions, façade remodeling and interior updates. This time around, the goal was to completely renovate the pub and outdoor seating areas. Both face the golf course and needed more seating and entertainment space. Now the outdoor areas offer options for patrons to enjoy well into the evening hours.
 nullThe indoor bar received a complete overhaul, highlighted by vertical and horizontal features. A striking clerestory with windows wrapping the outside allow light to pour in, forming a remarkable focal point. A large wine room was also added and features unique see-through storage walls that display the Club collection and shield its private dining area from the rest of the pub. The remodel kept some key elements from the original design but updated the look entirely.


nullAlthough a brand new community, Hamilton Lakes is positioned on a former office development site. With the office market slowing significantly, the property sat untouched until a creative reuse opportunity introduced a residential project that has reinvigorated the area. Our client had a vision to create an upscale apartment community that could rival downtown developments. Re-purposing the site maintained reasonable land costs and offered the chance to tap into a new group of prospective renters. The end product has a distinctively downtown feel for this suburban transit-oriented market.