Through five decades of diverse experiences and with offices across the nation, we’ve got insight and a unique perspective for you to gain from.

National trends and news

Since BSB Design is involved in projects across the country, we’re on the leading edge of new design ideas, new land use formats and community presentations and the latest lifestyle preferences. We stay up-to-date for you on the latest trends, market research and news from a national perspective.

Local and regional insight

With offices embedded in major cities across the country, we combine local knowledge and attention to detail with our expertise in national trends to provide you with insight about how to design to stimulate local markets without exceeding comfort or cost levels.

Market Sensitive inspiration

Successful design also requires in-depth market expertise and understanding of specific demographic segments and their unique preferences. We can share project profiles and success stories with you from coast to coast, as well as provide market-focused insight out of our design studios.