Infill projects can present a huge challenge, especially if the new structure or community must blend in with historically significant or iconic surroundings. The goal is not to replicate, but to create something totally different that won’t be offensive to the existing residents and surroundings. The many challenges that arise from an infill project are best solved with great communication, extensive research of the area, and many iterations.


Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sacramento, Alkali Flat is known for its old but well-kept Victorian homes. The neighborhood had been losing its liveliness, but still retained its charm. A newer development was needed to draw people in and BSB Design delivered just that. Instead of taking the obvious direction and imitating the historical Victorian-style homes, BSB went a different route so the existing homes remained a focal point. Muted colors and multiple textures were utilized in a contemporary, open design, so The Creamery brings something new to Alkali Flat. It offers additional charm while not detracting from the original beauty.



Knowing the wary neighbors of  the mixed-use development Victoria Place feared that it would be just another building lacking character, BSB Design had extra pressure to bring something amazing to this established historical  neighborhood. The developer also wanted the building to be an active part of the downtown Dunedin scene. With its prominent location close to the waterfront, BSB had to deliver a solution that would be noteworthy. In the end, the condos sold out very quickly at a high premium and the retail spaces filled up fast. More importantly, the locals appreciate the beautiful addition to the neighborhood.



The developer of The Flats at Austin Landing wanted to build in a well-established successful area, which led them to a perfect space that is the only multifamily-designated lot in a quadrant intersection.  It can be difficult to start from scratch on a brand-new site and bring something completely original to the table, all while ensuring the architecture will complement its surroundings. The luxury “renters-by-choice” building features high-end finishes and great amenities to complement a location that can’t beat.