Great design has the power to completely overhaul a community. The right project can transform a site from an abandoned brownfield into a vibrant hub of activity. By partnering with municipalities, listening to neighbors and planning for the future, developers are introducing hip new projects that are redefining entire communities.

Artistic Ambiance

Artisan in Dunedin, FL, is just steps away from the water, breweries, restaurants, bars and a host of other recreational options. To reflect the surrounding community, the design team made sure the building’s coastal style offered plenty of opportunity to highlight its local connections. The developer hired a local artist to paint a custom, full-wall mural on one end of the building. Other large pieces of art, including three impressive sculptures, surround the project. This development acted as a catalyst for the area, enhancing the business of nearby breweries, restaurants, galleries and workshops. Artisan has become more than just another multifamily building; it is an icon within a newly activated, growing hub of the city. 

Run Down to Updated

Kasper Modern’s scattered lot infill project has effectively become a revitalization program for a handful of neighborhoods in St. Petersburg, FL. Many of these stylish new homes have been built on vacant or tear-down lots, and the result has transformed these neglected properties into updated, desirable locations. A variety of floor plans all use mid-century modern elevations, offering relatively modest square footage that has helped maintain reasonable prices. These beautiful infill homes have the potential to elevate existing property values as they create a hip, new neighborhood.

Historic Hub for New Community

The restored Belleview Inn has incited the development of a large and active 55+ community in Belleair, FL. Transformed from a dilapidated hotel to a landmark icon in the heart of a brand new development, the inn serves as a central gathering spot for residents. Surrounding condos and townhomes are built to embody the beauty and detailing of the original Biltmore Hotel. Placing the hotel at the center of this new luxury community reinforced the developer’s emphasis on views and walkability and led to the inn’s status as a successful local hub, often booked out months in advance. It is a must-visit for many, as the historic hotel has housed plenty of important guests over the years, including a number of sitting presidents. 

Development Catalyst

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Twelve21 Duryea is located in Peoria, IL, a market with limited new development of late. But since these boutique for-sale condos were completed, a renewed sense of vibrancy has taken hold. The sold-out building has been a catalyst for increased interest and development activity within the area, as evidenced by a large new project going up across the street. The success of Twelve21 is the result of its architecturally pleasing presence. The building is actually much smaller than many multifamily complexes, but it still has a strong presence from the street. The elevation is segmented by contrasting materials, colors and architectural elements to ensure it doesn’t ramble on and repeat itself.

These projects prove that architecture and design impact more than just individual buildings. They are key components to enhancing entire communities. Great buildings draw residents in, increase traffic, create new business opportunities and can encourage involvement within the community.