BSB Design’s President/CEO Dan Swift was recently interviewed by Construct Utopia on his concept of Performance Based Design. Performance Based Design is a project-based model that allows a select group of clients an elite team with unlimited architectural services all while cutting fees by up to 30%. Construct Utopia recently published an article highlighting these concepts. An excerpt follows, along with a link to the full article online.


Performance-Based Design to ‘Tip The Avalanche’ of Industry Innovation

Source: Construct Utopia | September 2022

BSB Design assesses its design success with four key metrics, offering a 15% to 18% increase in client profitability when achieved.

BSB Design is a national Architectural/design firm with a unique perspective on the role of architecture as a key driver of project performance. President and CEO Dan Swift, AIA, believes a focus on precision, speed, and data can effectively deliver record-setting performance regardless of project type.

This mindset has led the firm to create a distinctive approach for delivering precision by working with clients to customize the design process in order to meet their needs in an efficient and timely manner. One of the main components of Swift’s vision is to prove to the industry that speed is possible. 

During his 35+ years working in the industry, Swift has noticed that many times companies set goals but don’t necessarily follow through. BSB Design believes that 100% effort can produce 100% results. This means the firm is not in the business of missing goals or, as Swift puts it, “winging it.”