A buyer could absolutely love a home and its floor plan, but if the streetscape isn’t appealing, they simply won’t purchase it. Allocating time and money to developing an amazing streetscape will add value to the community and increase sales.


nullAt first glance, color is the most noticeable element of a home. It greatly influences how people experience the building. Color actually triggers a distinct series of conscious and subconscious stimuli that manifest as an emotional response. Since we know the brain reacts differently to different colors, purposeful application of exterior color is an opportunity to create a deep, initial connection for potential buyers. For example, blue represents positivity, confidence and security, while green evokes calm, tranquility, serenity and well-being. Streetscapes should leverage this incredible emotional power of color.


Buyers want a unique experience and a unique home, so designs can utilize massing, architectural elements and even the structure itself to establish individuality. 
Heritage Creekside effectively uses vertical and angled articulation along with a variety of materials to stand out in the surrounding area. Adding a lighter siding to the balcony projections contrasts with the darker brick to emphasize depth that feels distinctively different from other townhome designs. The roof pitch can also add a lot of variety to a home, so consider varying these to add interest. These features highlight the individuality of each townhome, enhanced by specific placement of materials and colors that generate a detached feel.



Small details are well worth the extra expense because they generate huge ROI and increased sales volume. Details such as gable dormers, brackets, stone and columns really stand out and help homes feel much less “cookie cutter.” Plus, these details are essential to establishing an architectural style buyers recognize, instilling pride in their display of craftsmanship.


Combining color, unique design and detail leads to beautiful, distinctive streetscapes – and communities that will sell out quickly.