Step into a world where architecture becomes a bridge between nature and home, a strategic design that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Our commitment to creating homes that breathe, embrace natural light, and connect residents with the world beyond is a testament to the art of indoor-outdoor living.

Elevating Apartments in Burlingame

Bayswater in Burlingame, CA, challenges conventional design norms by embracing the feel of European architecture. The incorporation of mansard roofs and the strategic placement of fourth-floor units result in quirky, sloped rooflines that play with light and create captivating interior volumes. The 12:12 and 18:12 roof pitches not only disguise the building’s scale but establish a visual narrative that blurs the distinction between indoor and outdoor realms.

San Juan Capistrano’s Lumber Hub and Outdoor Haven

Ganahl Lumber’s San Juan Capistrano location is not just a lumber destination; it’s a celebration of indoor-outdoor harmony. By dropping the ceiling in specific areas, incorporating glass expanses, and strategically placing windows, the design ensures that visitors are perpetually connected to the outdoor landscape. This approach transforms the store into an experiential journey where nature and commerce coexist.

Maximizing Views and Connectivity

Haven at the Gulch features an amenity deck that effectively integrates indoor and outdoor spaces. Visible from many units and the freeway, it bridges the comfort of the indoors with the energy of the urban landscape. This deck offers various outdoor experiences, from lounging areas to social spaces, against the backdrop of Nashville’s skyline. The design facilitates a direct transition between the building’s interior amenities and its outdoor environment, illustrating modern urban living with an emphasis on natural elements.

Inglewood’s Outdoor Respite

Beach Terrace in Inglewood, CA, tackles the challenges of infill sites by flipping the entire building to capitalize on the site’s orientation. Private courtyards, lush landscaping, and a rooftop patio create outdoor spaces that feel like a respite from the city. The building’s design not only overcomes site challenges but enhances the sense of well-being by bringing nature into the heart of the community.

Neotraditional Design in Wisconsin

Hackney House in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, weaves a neotraditional narrative that effortlessly connects residents with nature. The circular drive, interconnected buildings, and thoughtfully landscaped pathways create a natural flow that transcends the indoor and outdoor realms. By embracing traditional design sentiments, Hackney House becomes a testament to the timeless art of indoor-outdoor living.

Celebrating Tradition and the Outdoors in Florida

Island Village at Celebration, FL, is a celebration of tradition and the outdoors. By incorporating large windows, sprawling porches, and meticulous landscaping, Island Village invites residents to step into the embrace of Florida’s sunshine. The design echoes historical elements while seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, making every residence a haven of harmonious living.