Design Principles to Improve Well-Being


Virtual tours of The Thoughtful Home are available at the Pro Builder Show Village 2021 | Rendering: RM Design Studio 

Anyone in the homebuilding industry understands how challenging it can be to innovate. Sticking with what has worked before is the easiest way to minimize risk and manage costs. But as tomorrow’s consumer becomes more design-savvy, more feature-focused and more discerning about everything new homes have to offer, products and floor plans must adapt and change to continue capturing buyers’ attention.

At BSB Design, we take this a step further. We believe a home shouldn’t just give buyers the features they want – homes have massive potential to improve quality of life. That’s why we’ve spent nearly a decade strategically refining floor plan features to ensure they will maximize the well-being of every household member. Informed by unique consumer data points and leading-edge neuroscience, these plan elements are demonstrated in The Thoughtful Home. Designed to be easy, relaxing and rejuvenating, The Thoughtful Home delivers a transformative experience that will increase life longevity, health, performance and contentment.

An overview of the primary design principles at the heart of The Thoughtful Home concept is provided below, and in future articles, we’ll take a deep dive into each and hear directly from Dan Swift, AIA, President and CEO of BSB Design. He’ll provide additional detail and context about how and why the home was designed, as well as the lasting impact he hopes The Thoughtful Home will have on homeowners.


1.     Ease & Convenience

Floor plans should actually save us time and make life easier. The amount of time we devote to every day tasks and chores can be reduced when homes are thoughtfully designed. Life at home should be easier tomorrow than it is today. This involves spatial arrangements, innovative storage, innovative technology and even room orientation.

2.     Flexibility

Recently, the term “multi-functional” has taken over nearly every conversation about home design. The concept isn’t new, but how we offer dual-purpose rooms that actually work is a big part of The Thoughtful Home. Spaces should be able to adapt and change with a family over time, year to year and even day to day. Options and add-ons enable some flexibility, but our principles are more about spatial relationships, furnishings and room connectivity.

3.     Transition

Open floor plans are highly functional and still very appropriate for today’s lifestyle. This makes transition points and buffer zones incredibly important. We pay close attention to how common, shared space interacts with back of house areas, the owners’ entry, private bedroom wings and even indoor/outdoor connections so we can control the ebb and flow of energy from one space to the next. Positive experiences at transition points will set the stage for positive family interaction.

4.     Security

Home is our safe place, so The Thoughtful Home includes plan features that enhance the sense of security. This includes passive features, like shielding parcel delivery from street view, and active features, like providing enhanced surveillance technology and a hidden safe room/storm shelter.

5.     Relaxation

Home is our oasis and must be intentionally designed, furnished and decorated to instill a pleasing sense of calm whenever possible. The appropriate introduction of natural light, modulating ceiling heights and colors, and introducing noise-canceling technology are all elements of this design principle.

6.     Rejuvenation & Isolation

Homes have the potential to help us live longer, healthier lives. This starts with perfect sleep, made possible by thoughtful design principles derived from scientific data. Throughout the floor plan, opportunities to disconnect, isolate and reset are seamlessly integrated into the home. Using these spaces can directly benefit mental and physical health, creating a collective sense of rejuvenation that leads to contentment.

Next Up: Deep Dives into The Thoughtful Home

Keep an eye out for our next blog about The Thoughtful Home. Dan Swift, AIA, will share photos, floor plans and insights about the first two design principles above, including some of the innovative product solutions that have inspired a few of these plan features.

To discuss designing your own Thoughtful Homes, reach out to us!