2020 has been quite the year and has altered people’s views of multifamily. Shared amenities, high traffic touch points and corridor-style circulation have lessened their appeal, causing renters to shop around. One design solution in particular is garnering lots of attention: Suburban apartment projects that offer direct access unit options and breezeway entries. They give the residents the flexibility of renting with the perceived privacy, health and safety of a single family home.

High Efficiency with Breezeway-Fed Entries 

  • Building modules offer a variety of configurations and eliminate long corridors
  • Open-air breezeway configurations create semi-private access points


Wasatch – San Marino Apartments 

The opportunity for double and triple breezeways, either open or closed, allows for higher efficiency and more direct access units. By maximizing the rentable square footage, you are ensuring that every applicable dollar toward construction and investment is returning through rent, increasing your potential for the highest possible profitability. Flexible footprints allow units to be added per site conditions, which can further increase rental potential. This layout offers so much flexibility to respond to unique site dynamics: Premium corner units, additional private garage entries, and flexible unit and garage counts.

Private Entries for Single Family Feel

  • Design integral garages with optional direct unit access
  • Flexibility to have every unit as a premium corner unit with maximized glass and natural light


Ravine Park Partners – Hawthorn

Direct access units are a great multifamily solution with private entries. Not only are the private entries a bonus, but there are also options to include private garage access for each unit. Especially with the current environment, direct access is a key feature point to many that are looking at solutions to multifamily lifestyle with single family feel. The privacy and flexibility that comes with this design is proven to be highly successful for years to come.

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