Spectrum Resort Clubhouse is a modern vacation villa resort that sits adjacent to a waterpark in Central Florida. The three-story villas have access to a beautifully landscaped pool and exterior amenities that rival many of the boutique resorts in this area. The guest experience begins with check-in via one of the three lounges within the clubhouse. Following check-in, each group is assigned a club cart, as standard vehicles are not allowed on the property.

Mark Mitchell, a lead designer on this project, said, “One of the biggest challenges was creating a check-in area that resonated as modern living room style lounges. We completed in-depth research and a variety of ideas were thrown around. This resulted in modern private lounges for different check-in groups, with the ability to accommodate a variety of party sizes.”

With a modern atrium bistro and well-equipped fitness area, the clubhouse supports guests in conjunction with the 4,500 square foot pool, hot tub, outdoor bar and cabana. Sculptures, green walls and cable trellis pathways run through the verdant paseos to a large activity lawn and multipurpose pavilion.