We’re thrilled to share our recent win at the North State BIA MAME Awards for Best Website, a testament to our commitment to excellence in web design. Our website, artfully crafted by the talented teams at Lecours Design, Inc and Noble Intent Studio, has garnered recognition for its outstanding features.

Meeting Challenges Head-On

Our journey to creating this award-winning website was not without its challenges. A recent acquisition added complexity to the design process as we had to effectively merge two fully independent and well-established brands. However, our design decisions were rooted in shared beliefs and values that made the merger successful in the first place. The result is an expanded yet simplified portfolio that represents both companies more completely.

Functionality that Enhances User Experience

All development decisions were driven by their ability to enhance the end user experience. Potential builder and developer clients can quickly and easily view our expertise across our full-service portfolio. Page layout and functionality simplify navigation, with all information just one or two clicks from the home page.

Providing Value

Our website is not just a showcase of our work; it’s a platform that provides value. Immersive project pages with downloadable content and detailed filters by type or region empower visitors to explore our projects effectively. Our content-focused knowledge hub offers articles, trends, and design insights to inspire and educate. Additionally, all our employees, not just leaders, are featured with photos and full bios, showcasing the people behind our success.

Setting New Standards

Our website’s combination of stunning design, immersive content, user-friendly features, knowledge-sharing capabilities, and its ability to effectively communicate our values and expertise made it a standout contender for the award. It not only elevates our online presence but also contributes to the industry by setting new standards for excellence in website design and representation.

Our Best Website award at the North State BIA MAME Awards recognizes the collaborative efforts of our team and the exceptional work of Lecours Design, Inc. and Noble Intent Studio in bringing this vision to life. We’re grateful for this recognition and excited to continue inspiring others in our industry. Thanks to the Sacramento MAME Awards and our marketing team for making this achievement possible. Together, we’ve created something remarkable.