The modern farmhouse trend has been prevalent since Chip and Joanna took the television world by storm, and it’s still going strong. This traditional design continues to look updated and modernized thanks to a few key exterior features. Even though many experts have predicted this trend would fade by now, buyers are still clamoring for modern farmhouse design at every price point.

Exterior Massing & Details


Siding applications can visually separate unique elements on the elevation, even when only one color is used. The Collet Model uses horizontal siding to highlight the entry, juxtaposed with board and batten extending across the rest of the façade. Also, simple but effective massing makes a huge impact on the initial curb appeal while remaining efficient to build. Additional touches that complete the authentic farmhouse look include stylistic shutters, Dutch doors and an amazing front porch. 

In many markets, builders use metal accents to enhance curb appeal of farmhouse designs. Depending on price point, opting for small sections of metal roofing for window awnings is just enough to provide some interest without too much additional expense. Other times, splurging on details is well worth it. For the Collet Model, architects wrapped the porch around the left side of the home to capitalize on the views and community connectivity while contributing to the modern farmhouse look. Metal roofing covers the entire porch to create the iconic look buyers want. And as it turns out, the front porch is a must-have feature for 2020 buyers since it provides more outdoor living space and safely connects neighbors together.


Another cost-effective alternative is to use metal siding on one area of the home to diversify the look and add a modern touch. At Easton Park, this accent creates a unique “lean-to” look at the front corner of the home. Vertical corrugated metal panels are reminiscent of rural outbuildings and provide an interesting transition that solidifies the modern farmhouse look. The smaller, narrow lot and rear-load garage also contributes to the elevation and allows the floor plan to extend living space to the side yard patio.



Often times when people think of modern design, they may picture unique angles and bold color selections. But for modern farmhouse design, white or other light base colors are more common, and designers use different materials and textures to successfully communicate the style. At Westleigh Farms, the modern farmhouse look includes contrasting black and white elements, a variety of textures and simple white siding. By mixing materials, the surface feels lively and elegant and promises to stay on-trend for decades to come. For flexibility, a brightly colored door can add a touch of whimsy to the elevation, and other accent details offer homeowners the opportunity to switch things up to satisfy their personal tastes.