Second Round of BSB Academy Members Announced!

February 12, 2019

BSB Design employees selected for the second round of BSB Academy’s Tier 2 Boot Camp were announced Monday, February 11. A total of 26 applications were submitted for the 12 available spots, and those not selected were encouraged to apply for the next round in 2020. This year’s program will begin on Februray 25, 2019.

Participants were collaboratively chosen by three of our leaders: Steve Moore, Senior Partner and Director of Marketing in our Des Moines office; Brad Sonnenburg, Partner in our Phoenix office; and Dave Copenhaver, Partner in our Dallas office. Congratulations to this year’s BSB Academy Tier 2 Boot Camp participants!

Burke Bair


Teresa Bateman 


Chris Blackburn


Mariah Buckner


Steve Egbert


Nicholas Faulk


Monica Figueroa


Paul Glaze


Ian Jackson


Paul Patirupananda


Andrew Penrose


Joe Pitzner