Design Challenge: Runner Up Designs

December 12, 2018

Last week, we announced the winner of our latest design challenge, to create an affordable housing unit for under $2,500 and at least 150 square feet. View the winning design here.



The 2nd place winning design, Dream Team, consisted of five individuals out of BSB Design’s Des Moines office; KC Gerlitz / Principal, Jeremy Wallin / Job Captain, Chris Phelps / Senior Draftsperson, Carly Laurent / Digital Media Specialist and Brendon Good / Systems Administrator.


Dream Team designed a prototype, The Nest, that successfully came in under budget making it an affordable option for transitional homes, shelters and churches. The 8′ x 8′ x 9′ design itself is the shipping container and can be easily assembled by pulling on the levies on each end of the cube. The Nest can be air dropped, brought in by truck or shipped two at a time. By partnering with FEMA, The Nest can provide emergency temporary shelters for those who are affected by natural disasters. With add-on options for kitchen and bathroom pods, additional square footage and a Kevlar casing for military use, the Nest has many different uses.


3rd place winning designs were a tie between, Abodoba and Hom Team.

Abodoba Design


The Abodoba consisted of five individuals out of BSB Design’s Denver office; Mike Crocker / Design Director, Paul Penman / Project Manager, Brandon Tripp / Project Architect, Beau Kellum / Senior Intern Architect and Traci Moreno / Job Captain.

The Abodoba took a spin on the current Abod and used similar materials. However, instead of utilizing the catenary arch shape, requiring a special bending machine for the steel arches on the Abod, pressure treated 2 x 6’s were used in the Abodoba instead.

Hom Team Design

nullThe Hom Team consisted of three individuals out of BSB Design’s Phoenix office; Jennifer Reed / Graphic Designer, Stuart Seymour / Draftsperson and Andolina Vallone / Intern Architect.

nullThe Hom Team designed a lightweight, sturdy and quick to assemble and disassemble domicile, making mobility an option. It packs down into a 10’ x 4’ x 2’ crate, not including the optional solar set up, shower or composting toilet.

“The quality of the entries was very professional as well as the innovation. A very talented group of individuals! It was an honor to participate.” – Doug Sharp, Co-Founder/Chairman Emeritus at BSB Design & Founder of Abod Shelters

Originally posted on the Abod Shelter Blog.