Breakthrough Solutions by Innovation

June 19, 2017

In last week’s blog, we introduced you to BSB Design’s Plan Duel competition. As the solutions were submitted, it was very apparent the judging panel had a tough job ahead of them.

Team Breakthrough Solutions by Innovation (BSBI) captured third place in BSB Design’s Plan Duel competition by going beyond the technology of the space, beyond the glitz and glamour, to focus on the true key to innovation — the innovators! Individuals and groups that create change. Team BSBI made design decisions based on environmental and humanistic conditions including innovation culture, personality types, learning styles, the impact of color on emotions and behaviors and how comfort affects creativity. In presenting their design, the team emphasized the importance of keeping the design fluid and adaptable to the uses, and users, of the space. Team BSBI included Terry Maiers (Charlotte), Katie Minton (Charlotte) and Michelle Rothfus (Des Moines).


In addition to a focused space for innovation, Team BSBI envisioned many other uses for the space: charettes and consultations with clients; cross-company communication, collaboration and training; teaming up with community groups and industry partners and personal reflection and meditation. With these varied uses in mind, the space was designed to be in constant flux — catering to the needs of the users. The design incorporates a unique use of colors intended to inspire innovation and a physical environment that is comfortable and adaptable to the work styles of multiple users. The space can easily shift from a quiet spot where you can “reset” when you need to focus, to a hive of activity with groups working in concert on current challenges or mapping out plans for the latest innovation.

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nullYou enter the space in an open area furnished with chairs and desks designed to be reconfigured according to the needs of various individuals or groups. To minimize distractions, collapsible upholstered panels can be arranged to create more private collaboration spaces. Throughout the space, vibrant colors encourage energy and movement and a small refreshment area stocked with healthy drinks and snacks keeps the ideas flowing.

Sliding whiteboard walls that enclose the main gathering space for presentations open to reveal an additional collaboration area. This smaller collaboration space has all the productivity inducing features of the main space, along with additional technology including a large screen TV and 3D printer. The flexible furnishings and sliding panels make it very easy to convert the two spaces into one collaboration space for a larger group. In contrast, just down the hall, the contemplation space features calming blue-green tones, a water feature for white noise, plants and soft furnishings to create an atmosphere of quiet reflection.

Watch a virtual walkthrough of BSBI’s Innovation Lab space below.

In order for individuals from all of BSB’s 11 offices to participate in Innovation Lab collaboration, SMART Boards® are an integral piece of the design. The interactive whiteboards allow immediate display of presentations and data across BSB’s entire network. Team BSBI strategically placed the boards throughout the space and included specs for color-changing finishes. Collaborating teams can modify wall surfaces depending on their particular focus or project. Finally, including the technology for 360° film projection — a Star Trek holodeck of sorts — provides more inclusive experiences for training and presentation.

Come back next week to read about the second place Plan Duel winners!