A Foundation For QA/QC: National Director of Multifamily Standards

June 18, 2019

As BSB Design’s multifamily studio continues to grow in scale and sophistication, we have placed renewed focus on standardized drawings and processes. This attention directly benefits our clients through increased production efficiency, minimized errors and omissions and reduced risk for litigation.

This focus led to refinement of our QA/QC processes, as well as the creation of a new and important leadership role. To support our ongoing efforts in this area, Mark Lane has been named National Director of Multifamily Standards. His primary responsibility is to improve standardization and efficiency for all multifamily projects at BSB Design.

During his tenure with the firm, Mark has displayed a passion for developing, implementing and maintaining our construction document standards and processes. With input from other like-minded BSB staff, he authored our Process Manual and QA-QC Process that has now been fully implemented for all BSB Design multifamily projects nationwide. His leadership responsibilities now include:

  • Ensuring consistency of drawing standards
  • Implementing the QA-QC process
  • Tracking and analyzing project financial data
  • Assuring consistency, quality, profitability, efficiency and timeliness

nullMark Lane, NCARB

Mark has more than 20 years of experience specific to multifamily projects including luxury high rise apartments Type-3 and Type-5 mixed use apartments. He also has a wide range of mixed use, multifamily, land planning and student housing project experience. Along with his leadership in QA/QC and multifamily standards, he supports the daily operations of BSB Design’s Charlotte office, which includes contract negotiations, office management, invoicing and staff allocation.