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The 3-Step Plan Performance Strategy: Part 2

Strategic plan revision can effectively contain cost and enhance lifestyles, which is a surefire Read More

BSB Design Receives Four Gold Nugget Merit Awards

The four Awards of Merit are up for Gold in the upcoming Gold Nugget Awards Show May 24. Read More

Not Your Parents' House

Michael Kramer discusses trending design, style and space use for 2023. Read More

The 3-Step Plan Performance Strategy

Consider a three-tiered strategy to create smarter designs that build faster. Read More

PODCAST: The Importance of Lighting in Multi-Housing Projects

Tim Schelfe with BSB Design sheds some "Light" on his process when designing multifamily projects. Read More

National Build to Rent Design Strategy

BSB Design experts weigh in on the build to rent market. Read More

Affordable Housing with Style

Take a look at these stunning affordable housing communities that promote smart growth. Read More

Key Design Features for 55+ Buyers

If 60 is really the new 40, active adult community design must adapt. Read More

Five Designs Where Glass Changed the Space

Glass enables architects to effectively enhance light, nature, safety and more. Read More

Trending Kitchen Design

Effective kitchen designs incorporate trending features with high functionality. Read More

Six Features to Include in Single Family Attached Design

Attached housing design can recreate the allure of single family homes. Read More

Designing Incredible Outdoor Experiences

Outdoor living is one of the most important elements of floor plan design. Read More

BSB Design Receives Five Silver Awards in The 2023 Nationals

These projects are up for Gold Awards to be announced during IBS. Read More

BSB Design Names Four New Partners

BSB Design is honored to announce the addition of four Partners to our leadership team. Read More

Three Value-Add Community Clubs

The value-add exercise can repurpose, reprogram or revitalize community clubs. Read More

Dan Swift Talks Design Process Innovation in Construct Utopia Article

Design success can be measured by four key metrics that can increase profitability. Read More

Thoughtful Home Concepts in Apartment Design

Even the smallest plans can include features that make them more functional and relaxing. Read More

What Are We Seeing NOW?

Here’s what our teams and clients are telling us about single family product design today. Read More

TNAH 22' Behind the Design: Specialty Spaces

Specialty spaces contribute to a unique “wow” factor that truly sets this home apart. Read More

Top Exterior Trends Across the U.S.

I recently joined a panel of industry experts to discuss the latest exterior design trends. Read More

Top 5 Insights on the Texas Multifamily Market

The time is right for continued multifamily development in the Dallas market, and here's why. Read More

BSB Design Wins 2 Aurora Awards!

The Aurora Awards encompasses all facets of the residential, commercial and remodeling industries. Read More

4 Must-Haves for First-Time Homebuyers

First-Time Homebuyer Carly Dunn shares her top 4 must-haves when purchasing her first home. Read More

TNAH '22 Behind The Design: Bedrooms

The bedroom is thoughtfully designed to promote the best sleep and relaxation. Read More

TNAH '22 Behind the Design: Kitchen & Living

We considered the realities of everyday life and the emphasis on casual spaces throughout the home. Read More

Designing Student Housing that Tells a Story

A great community can help form positive lifelong memories for college students. Read More

3 Must-Haves for BTR Community Design

BTR communities have grown tenfold over the last few years and aren't slowing down. Read More

The New American Home 2022: Behind The Design

BSB Design was the lead architect on The New American Home featured at NAHB's IBS 2022. Read More

BSB Design Takes Home Six Awards at IBS 2022

We attended the Nationals, Best of 55+ and BALA and received a total of six Gold Awards. Read More

Designing Outdoor Connections for Enhanced Well-Being

The most compelling new home plans are responsive to their surroundings. Read More

Color & Context in Architectural Design

Color and context have the potential to set an immediate, striking tone. Read More

Trending Design Features for Tomorrow's Students

Student housing is a major stepping stone for young adults living on their own. Read More

The New Non-Negotiable: Work Space

Nine out of ten remote workers hope to maintain some sort of remote work in the future. Read More

BSB Design Receives Seven Silver Awards in The 2022 Nationals

Silver Award Winners are the top vote recipients and are up for Gold Awards. Read More

What Buyers (Still) Want in New Home Design

Homeowners are seeking a new approach to home design to address today's needs. Read More

BSB Design Wins 3 Best in American Living Awards

The 2021 Best in American Living Awards (BALA) feature 3 winners from BSB Design. Read More

Townhome Design for Every Age

Townhomes provide excellent options for multiple markets and consumer profiles. Read More

Innovative Townhome Design Honored at SoCal MAME Awards

BSB Design was a finalist in two categories for these Palm Springs townhomes. Read More

Designing Work from Home Spaces that WORK

Builders have a huge opportunity to impact the way tomorrow's WFH spaces actually work. Read More

Building Affordable Housing Fast: Part Two

Jim provides 4 critical path adjustments that can shave days and weeks off the development timeline. Read More

Behind the Design: Park37

A unique design collaboration brought this creative vision to life in dramatic fashion. Read More

Patio Divided

Segmentation of outdoor amenity areas is a trend with staying power. Read More

Building Affordable Housing Fast: Part One

First on the list is timing. Or more specifically, lack of time. Read More

The Thoughtful Home Series: Part Four

One goal of The Thoughtful Home is to positively impact how we feel when we live there. Read More

BSB Design Wins Home of The Year

At this year's Gold Nugget Awards hosted by PCBC, BSB Design was awarded Home of The Year. Read More

BSB Design Acquires California Architectural Firm Withee Malcolm

The acquisition marks a pivotal step in BSB Design's long-term strategic plan. Read More

A Millennial's Perspective on Apartment Design: Part Three

In my final installment, I cover the not-so-pretty features: Parking garages and trash chutes. Read More

The Thoughtful Home Series: Part Three

The plan marries subtle shifts in space planning with the deliberate goal of improving daily life. Read More

A Millennial's Perspective on Apartment Design: Part Two

In part two of my series, I cover amenities and a successful package system. Read More

The Future of Multifamily Amenities

Jeff Mulcrone recaps his discussion on the Building Design + Construction Horizon TV stream. Read More

A Millennial's Perspective on Apartment Design: Part One

Living in good (and bad) apartments yields a unique perspective on design. Read More

The Thoughtful Home Series: Part Two

We believe every home should be designed to save homeowners as much time as possible. Read More

BSB Design Implements Four-Day Work Week Model

The four-day work week also reflects BSB Design's commitment to work-life balance. Read More

Community Design in 2021 and Beyond: Part Two Built For Rent Communities

A variety of renters are loving the lock-and-leave and low-maintenance lifestyle. Read More

Strategic Single Family Built for Rent Partnerships

Renters by choice and rising home prices are paving a golden path of opportunity for this segment. Read More

BSB Design Takes Home Gold and Silver Awards

The firm earned multiple honors at this year's Nationals & Best of 55+ Awards. Read More

BSB Design Receives Platinum and Silver Awards in 2020 BALA Awards

BSB Design received a platinum award for our Calistoga model at Sterling Grove. Read More

The Thoughtful Home Series: Part One

The Thoughtful Home design fosters relaxation, rejuvenation and convenience. Read More

Community Design in 2021 and Beyond: Part One

Read a recap of this IBSx education session by William Crump, Senior Community Designer. Read More

Lot Variations for Every Lifestyle

Whether narrow, wide, or infill, they each take special planning to generate maximum interest. Read More

Top Notch Outdoor Amenities

Extending the amenity experience outside the four walls is a key strategy to garner more sales. Read More

Farmhouse Style Has Staying Power

The design continues to look updated and modernized due to a few key exterior features. Read More

Hitting Specific Buyer Targets

In the single family for sale space, buyers aspire to be transformed by their homes. Read More

Large Multifamily Parcels Create Big Impact

Many communities are land-challenged, so we spend a ton of time to maximize every square inch. Read More

Today's Lessons Shape Tomorrow's Student Housing Success

Our goal behind design is to keep students as safe as possible while maintaining community. Read More

Efficiency + Direct Access = Successful Multifamily

Suburban apartments offer the flexibility of renting with the privacy and safety of single family. Read More

New Architecture with Historic Significance

Northshore Builders recently completed construction of the historic landmark in Lake Forest, IL. Read More

Ammo for Architects: Single Family Renter Profiles

Read about three key floor plan considerations for single family for rent homes. Read More

BSB Design Receives Grand and Merit Awards in Gold Nugget Awards

PCBC's Gold Nugget Awards were presented virtually on July 24th. Read More

Affordable Curb Appeal: Part 4

Material selections, details and color have a huge impact on curb appeal. Read More

Case Study: Virtual Design Charette

Our signature charette process looks different with COVID-19 but is still just as successful. Read More

Post-Pandemic Design Changes: Floor Plan Edition

Many are moving out of multifamily properties and seeking detached for rent and for sale homes. Read More

Local Expert Shannon Gordon Joins BSB Design

His knack for capturing your vision during conceptual design will lead to successful neighborhoods. Read More

Timeless Plan Features That Meet Today's Needs

Great design is always timeless, and the same is true for functional and flexible floor plans. Read More

Post-Pandemic Student Housing Design Strategies

Tomorrow's student housing cannot simply check the box by including the same grandiose amenities. Read More

Post-Pandemic Design Changes: Healthy Home Edition

Consumers are becoming acutely aware of how their homes can affect their health. Read More

Returning to Office Life Post-Pandemic

Every employer's main priority needs to be making sure employees feel safe in the office. Read More

Post-Quarantine Design Changes: Kitchen Edition

The future of floor plan design will no doubt be permanently affected by this temporary situation. Read More

Why Every Developer Should Consider HUD Financing

HUD financing can be used for a range of product types, including market rate apartments. Read More

The Future of Community Design

One planner shares his perspective on the effect COVID-19 will have on neighborhood design. Read More

Design for Well-Being

Does your home allow you to work, relax, connect and isolate like you need to? Read More

What Are We Seeing NOW?

With locations across the country, we have a unique perspective on what's happening in the industry. Read More

Affordable Curb Appeal Part 3: Front Porches

These design tips for front porches can significantly increase curb appeal. Read More

BSB Design's Thoughtful Home Concepts Garner Attention

Dan Swift, President and CEO, created the first Thoughtful Home design principles in 2009. Read More

5 Tips To Successfully Work From Home

Tips from Hannah Weaver, Operations Coordinator, who has worked from home full-time since 2019. Read More

Lessons Learned: Virtual Construction Administration

A look at how Construction Administration has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

Leadership Update

Help us in congratulating these newly promoted leaders! Read More

Top 5 Multifamily Takeaways from NMHC 2020

Our Director of Architecture Development shares 5 key takeaways from NMHC. Read More

Achieving Affordable Curb Appeal: Part 2

Doors, windows and trim have a huge impact on curb appeal. Read More

2020 IBS Recap: Best In American Living Awards

We took home a platinum and silver award at this year's BALA ceremony! Read More

Best of 55+ Housing Awards

We took home 2 finalist awards on top of being a sponsor of the event. Read More

BSB Design 2020 IBS Recap: The Nationals Awards

BSB Design took home 5 awards at this year's show. Read More

Affordable Curb Appeal: Part 1

Designing for affordability from the outset, you can create terrific looking houses on a budget. Read More

Designed To Entertain

Homes that offer lifestyle-driven floor plans are always popular, but there's more to it. Read More

Designs that Create Community

The right project can transform a site from an abandoned brownfield into a vibrant hub of activity. Read More

Small Lot Successes

Builders and developers must get increasingly more creative with each new project. Read More

Taking it to New Heights

Great architecture uses height in a variety of ways for dramatic impact. Read More

It's All in the Details

Detailing plays a major role in project success and should not be overlooked. Read More

BSB Design Finals 6x at Denver MAME Awards

At the 2019 Denver MAME awards in November, 6 BSB Design projects were finalists! Read More

BSB Design Wins Big at the HBAGC Key Awards

BSB Design won 4 Gold, 1 Platinum and 1 Crystal Key Awards in the 2019 Key Awards. Read More

Boutique "Plug and Play" Student Housing

Designers must explore new student housing solutions to address lot size and affordability. Read More

Small Lots are Big in Texas

50' and 60' lots are still king, but Builders should leverage the instant value of smaller lots. Read More

"Community Infill" Done Right

Successful infill developments are able to maximize unused land parcels in growing areas. Read More

Workforce Housing Case Study

Rising rents make it critical (and a great investment) to pursue more workforce housing starts. Read More

Must-Haves for Designing Detached Affordable Homes

You can still achieve an affordable detached product for buyers with all their needs. Read More

The Inspiration Behind Design

Designer Ed Binkley discusses his approach to design and what he's learned over the years. Read More

Single Family For Rent Revisted

NAHB data shows a continued uptick in the single family built for rent market. Read More

Design Chat: Hand Rendering vs. Computer Rendering

Both types of artwork have a place in our industry now and well into the future. Read More

Efficient Designs for a Small Footprint

Great designs for smaller homes start at the site and require careful room by room planning. Read More

BSB Design Takes Home Two Grand Aurora Awards

On Friday, August 2, BSB Design took home two Grand Awards at the SEBC Aurora Awards! Read More

Strategic Retooling to Focus on Buyers

We encourage builders to look at their best-selling plans to see if they can get even better. Read More

A Foundation For QA/QC: National Director of Multifamily Standards

Mark Lane, NCARB, now leads BSB Design's QA/QC efforts nationwide. Read More

Enticing Buyers With Transitional Design

Distinctive design, functional lifestyle layouts and compelling price points will captivate buyers. Read More

Dream (Town)Homes for First Time Buyers

More and more Millennial buyers are seeking attached residences that live and feel great. Read More

Our Vegas Trifecta - 2019 IBS Recap Part 2

Part two of our 2019 IBS recap features insight from two more BSB Design industry veterans. Read More

Interface Student Housing Conference Recap

A few of our student housing experts recap the 2019 Interface Student Housing Conference. Read More

Charlotte Multifamily Market Review

Charlotte is a top relocation destination that will need 70,000+ new housing units by 2030. Read More

Built for Rent Single Family Homes

Builders are introducing new detached rental products that redefine the path to homeownership. Read More

Designing Affordable Homes on Expensive Land

High land costs continue to make affordability a challenge for both builders and homeowners. Read More

BSB Design Wins Big at The McSam Awards

The 40th McSam Award Ceremony in Dallas, TX, resulted in three wins for BSB Design. Read More

New Paradigms for Attainable Housing

All buyers can benefit from design concepts that reduce labor, direct costs and cycle times. Read More

BSB Design Wins 5 Awards at Tampa Parade of Homes

Check out photos from the ceremony as well as the award-winning designs. Read More

Great Design Starts with Parking

Parking design is one of the most important elements of project success. Read More

Our Vegas Trifecta - 2019 IBS Recap Part 1

BSB Design's attendees are excited to share highlights from their experience at IBS. Read More

Changing the Way We View Homelessness

Our solution is a 384 sq. ft. home that rents for 30% of residents' average monthly fixed income. Read More

Second Round of BSB Academy Members Announced!

Twelve employees were selected for Tier 2 of BSB Design's Leadership Academy Boot Camp. Read More

Benefits of a Preliminary Zoning Analysis

Since time is money, developers should use preliminary zoning analyses to speed things up. Read More

2018 In Review

Check out these 2018 award-winning projects from across the country! Read More

Meet Our Dallas Team

For over 30 years, we've perfected the balance between design, service and client profitability. Read More

Design Challenge: Runner Up Designs

Our latest design challenge led employees to create an affordable housing solution for under $2,500. Read More

BSB Design Challenge: Winners Announced!

Our internal design challenge winner developed an affordable housing solution for under $2,500. Read More

BSB Design Recieves Four Silver Award Honors from The Nationals

NAHB has announced Silver Award Winners for The Nationals new home sales and marketing awards. Read More

Make the Most of Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A activity in the home building industry has occurred at a frenetic pace in recent years. Read More

Trendsetting Infill Projects for Every Buyer

These trendy projects speak to first-time homebuyers, move-up families and single professionals. Read More

Strong Sales Start at the Street

Allocating time and money to an amazing streetscape adds community value that increases sales. Read More

Volume 8 of Inspire is Here!

This year's showcase of our recently completed projects will inspire anyone who loves great design. Read More

Renovations that Will Make Your Sales Skyrocket

Even the most respected and well-designed structures benefit from updates that add value. Read More

Custom Feel for Production Builds

Building production homes with a customized feel while meeting budget requires strategic design. Read More

Making Modern Work with Suburban Multifamily Design

The clean look and unique individuality of modern design is well-suited for apartment communities. Read More

Four Projects that Prove Design is in the Details

Protecting the budget for design elements goes a long way, especially in for-rent properties. Read More

Overcoming Lot Size Roadblocks

Many narrow lot problems can be solved by committing to design details that will bolster success. Read More

Designing Communal Spaces for the Young Renter

As they shop rental products, these renters seek opportunities to socialize via shared amenities. Read More

Winning 55+ Buyers

To satisfy this growing market, design homes and communities with features they actually want. Read More

Are Accessory Dwelling Units Worth the Investment?

Affordable ADUs can add additional income and increase the value of a buyer's initial investment. Read More

Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces that Impress

Outdoor living should function like indoor entertaining space, regardless of project type or buyer. Read More

Balancing High Design with Lower Costs

Achieving the original design vision while staying within budget generates the highest ROI. Read More

Student Housing: Current Market

The NMHC Student Housing Conference sparked our review of the current student housing market. Read More

2019 National Multifamily Housing Council: Our Experts Recap Their Experts

We want to share a few gems from the treasure trove of information we gathered over three days. Read More

Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices in Design

Making informed choices about the materials we source in new construction begins with design. Read More

Townhomes on the Rise

Especially for Boomers and Millennials, attached housing is becoming a preferred option. Read More

Modern Vacation Resort Underway in Central Florida

Approval of conceptual design for Spectrum Resort Clubhouse means work is underway in Reunion, FL. Read More

A Design Challenge that Will Change Affordable Housing

BSB Design has challenged employees to develop innovative family homes for under $2,500. Read More

BSB Design Townhomes First to Sell Out in Phase One

At The Grove at Shoal Creek, buyers love the Juniper's creative floor plans and enticing elevation. Read More

Smaller, Smarter Designs that Sell

Smaller, well-designed homes on smaller lots are the fastest way to crack the code of affordability. Read More

How Technology Impacts Architecture

From hand-drawn plans to 3D modeling technology, architecture evolves with new technology. Read More

Meet Our Tampa Team!

Since 1988, our Florida staff has been creating innovative, timeless architecture and land planning. Read More

Finding Success with Modern Prairie Elevations

The clean, minimalist look of the modern prairie style is successful for Midwest builders. Read More

The Benefits of Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational living creates close family bonds, but design must encourage privacy, too. Read More

Boomers vs. Millennials: What's the Difference?

Their differences manifest in a variety of priorities and preferences, especially in housing. Read More

Designs that Appeal to Baby Boomers and Millennials

These generations live vastly different lives, but they want similar design elements in their homes. Read More

Project Alert: Burlington Station

The groundbreaking was held in early 2017 for Burlington Station, a new project in Downers Grove. Read More

5 Trends to Ace Student Housing Amenities

Our Director of Commercial and Hospitality Design has five ways to impact student housing amenities. Read More

There's No Box Here

Our wide range of projects creates a wide path for innovation, pushing us to design for the future. Read More

Overcoming Design and Build Issues

We enjoy a good challenge. Take a look at some solutions to a few roadblocks we face regularly. Read More

55+ Designs: How to Please a Diverse Clientele

New 55+ projects must respond to buyers - and the entire community fabric of the surrounding area. Read More

Infill Sensitivities

Infill projects can be challenging, especially in historically significant or iconic surroundings. Read More

Not Your Average Clubhouse

Great communities start with amazing amenities, anchored by clubhouses that make residents proud. Read More

Team Beta

Winners of our Plan Duel competition combined work and relaxation in their design, dubbed Beta Zone. Read More

The Kool-Aid Kids

This team's Innovation Lab design centered on zones for collaboration, innovation and demonstration. Read More

Breakthrough Solutions by Innovation

By going beyond the technology, glitz and glamour, this team focused on the actual innovators. Read More

How BSB Design is Changing the Game

This competition challenged employees to design an Innovation Lab for our corporate headquarters. Read More