The Florida Multifamily Summit–now in its 10th year–has become a reliable annual gathering for local, regional and national multifamily investors, operators, developers and other professionals active in the Florida apartment industry. The conference tackles key issues in rental apartments, single family build-to-rent, and the for-sale residential condo markets.

This year we look at challenges created by today’s capital markets situation as well as regional bank failures that threaten lending on multifamily deals. We also address growing concerns about insurance and climate-event related risk that is driving up costs. We look at staffing shortages on the operations side and how AI is helping to fill the gap. The fast growing single-family built-to-rent sector is an important part of the conversation, as well as the impact of interest rates and crackdown on foreign investors is having on the for-sale residential condo market. We’ll also look at the opportunities created by continued in-migration and population growth in the state, specifically discussing submarkets that are primed to see big value and rent gains.