Bloom at Magnolia

Long Beach, CA

Located in a mixed urban neighborhood in central Long Beach, Bloom at Magnolia offers 40 units of affordable housing that incorporates smart growth principles. As a supportive facility for those at risk for or currently experiencing homelessness, the project offers social service and job-training spaces, harmonizing land use, architecture, and nearby conveniences into a thriving community that promotes healthy living, education, opportunity, and neighborhood engagement. One-bedroom units with outdoor decks are dispersed across a three- and four-story complex that runs the entire length of Magnolia, from 17th Street to Pacific Coast Highway. Programmatically, the development was designed with highly articulated front and rear facades and stepped heights, not just for visual interest but expanded opportunities for light and airflow as well as contextual balance.

Residents will have access to more than 3,000 sf of indoor community space and 3,000 sf of common area, a computer lab and even dedicated bicycle parking. Outdoors, upper level decks dot the roofscape to provide additional outdoor areas for relaxing and connectivity.


  • 2022 PCBC Gold Nugget Awards - Best Affordable Housing Community – Under 30 DU/Acres – Grand Award