As we developed this 9th edition of inspire, it became evident that the cross section of design has expanded in so many different directions from our original inspiration for this publication founded 13 years ago. Each design professional in our 10 offices nationwide brings a unique perspective to every assignment. These differences allow us to create truly authentic concepts, to innovate and explore. There is no one brand, one look, but ultimately our distinct paths converge on a singular goal. We believe everything we design is a solution for someone.

For our clients, that means breaking into new markets, creating new lifestyle environments or enhancing absorption and profitability. In many cases, it is all three. For consumers, it means affordability, style and easy living. For communities, it can mean a bit more parking or total revitalization. In every case, it means embracing opportunity with an open mind and a goal of offering something special.

For us, great design represents a creative outlet where we blend process with art to achieve some new thing altogether. This intentional design exercise inspires us to come to work every day, to find new ways to solve old problems, to look forward to the new problems that arise.

We hope some of these solutions will inspire you, too.

Inspire Projects