The design exercise is both highly creative and super technical. Success hinges on the ability to nurture the relationship between these two seemingly conflicting mindsets, ensuring that architecture yields beauty and function. It’s a balancing act for sure, but as the features in this annual showcase magazine illustrate, the talented teams at BSB Design have gotten pretty good at it.

Successful project delivery also requires balance: Client goals with municipal regulations, budgetary constraints with design vision, perception and reality. Achieving that balance depends on building trusted relationships with our clients and partners. It’s why we can highlight multi-disciplinary efforts across a wide range of product types and markets. It’s why we were able to complete an incredible show home despite a pandemic. It’s why, in what may be a surprise to some, the design of a 100% affordable housing project is worthy of the coveted cover. These projects represent the perfect balance between the design creativity required to create them and the relationships it took to build them.

As always, reviewing projects for the magazine reminds us that balancing great design, technical prowess, and a multitude of individual and team perspectives takes special talent. And, when done successfully, it can be truly inspiring.


Inspire Projects