Since 2003, we have published nine editions of this showcase magazine, each unique in its own right, thematically cohesive as a series yet distinctly individual. In a way, this iconic tenth issue is no different. Except that it is completely different. 

This year’s magazine was produced and published in the midst of a global pandemic that found our design and production teams meeting virtually and pivoting from hands-on collaboration to designing projects, reviewing drawings and meeting with clients electronically. In the beginning we questioned whether it would work only to discover that great design can endure in spite of the hurdles the pandemic created. 

In selecting this year’s features, it became obvious that the design solutions exhibited a sensitivity to how the occupants would live in a more protected way, almost as if the concept of thoughtful design had anticipated the now familiar living restrictions the pandemic has forced upon us. Character and style still matter, but so does respect for privacy, concerns for safety, adaptability to change and an embrace of the spirit of home. 

Great design spans product types, markets, geography. It lasts decades and resonates on screen or on the page. Even more, and perhaps what we needed most of all this year, great design inspires and endures. 

Cheers to the end of 2020.

Inspire Projects