Park37 Interiors

Blacksburg, VA

Park37 is a luxury student housing complex located near Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. BSB Design was involved throughout all phases of architecture and interior design. The interiors were designed in parallel with the exterior architecture, materials and colors to produce an integrated expression of the client's vision. The overall interior aesthetic was driven by the desire to capture the local active outdoor energy. Amenity spaces are designed as extensions of the residential units, with the same tones, style and materials that focus on responsibly-sourced and durable products. The developer worked with our interior design team to salvage almost 14,000 linear board feet of maple hardwood from the trees on the property, which was used for custom furniture and trim that spoke to the importance of the natural surroundings while leaning into an edgy, industrial vibe. Warm tones were punched with vibrant autumnal colors of golds, oranges, and rust, to bump up the volume in community spaces.