Innovation Lab Design

Record-setting business performance can be achieved through focused, intentional innovation lab design. To do this, we’ve assembled the collective expertise of a world-renowned, high-performance business strategy company, a top architectural design firm, and a leading neuroscience research team.

We have developed a streamlined, distinctive and disruptive approach to making your company’s most profitable innovation automatic. We help each client customize their innovation lab design as a source of record-setting performance that grows and scales as it positively transforms their culture to win the future.

Unlike other firms in the field of innovation and ideas, we build our models on ultra-practical, real-world effectiveness based on what today’s top performers and record-setters do differently and better, and more simply and powerfully than their competitors. We measure what works, what doesn’t, and why.

We ask a rare and constructively irritating question:

If you had to become the business that puts you out of business in the least amount of time, what would be different and better?

Your custom designed innovation lab will help your teams adopt real breakthrough thinking to win the future in this fast-changing world. Our data science will inform your design, and together with BSB Design and Cooper Strategic, you’ll be poised to create an uncatchable lead.