Record-setting business performance can be achieved through focused, intentional innovation lab design. To do this, we’ve assembled the collective expertise of a world-renowned, high-performance business strategy company, a top architectural design firm, and a leading neuroscience research team.

We have developed a streamlined, distinctive and disruptive approach to making your company’s most profitable innovation automatic. We help each client customize their innovation lab design as a source of record-setting performance that grows and scales as it positively transforms their culture to win the future.



Long before we set out to help businesses supercharge their capacity for innovation, we developed our own innovation lab at BSB Design. We forged a new mindset, launched a web-based app to gather ideas and built a physical lab space in our Des Moines, Iowa, office. This exercise helped us refine and advance our Innovation Lab Design services. 

Today, in collaboration with Cooper Strategic and BSB Design, your company can create a unique, individualized innovation lab program specific to your business needs and strategic vision. Access to industry thought leaders like Robert Cooper, Ph.D., with colleagues in neuroscience and valuation metrics, and Dan Swift, AIA, with national experience in design and innovation, will drive your company to achieve in ways you never thought possible.

Your firm's simple yet customized innovation lab design will include:

  • Mindset - Starting with leadership and encompassing your entire company culture, we help innovative thinking become part of daily workflows.
  • Space - A physical lab is an extension of the innovation mindset of your employees, offering a tangible representation of your company's new culture.
  • Technologies - We identify technology that capitalizes on the unique opportunities within your specific business, then design the implementation plan that encourages experimentation.
  • Pace & Accountability Metrics - What we can measure, we can change. Innovation is a moving target, so we ground advancement in metrics we can quantify and report effectively so you can double improvements.
  • Mobile App - We help you tap the collective mindset of your workforce to fill the innovation hopper through a simple, intuitive interface.
  • Data Science as an Organizational Asset - Your tech HQ for innovation lab progress will deliver on-demand output for real-time assessment of lab performance.
  • Measurable Results - When fully implemented, your innovation lab will deliver a minimum 3 to 1 return on investment in the first year.

After hearing Dan Swift, BSB Design President & CEO, deliver a presentation about innovation to a group of homebuilders, View Homes founder Randy O’Leary knew his company was ready to make innovation a key initiative within their overall strategic plan.


  • Leadership buy-in and full support of innovation efforts
  • One-on-one initial planning session at the BSB Design Innovation Lab
  • On-site, half-day customized program for all employees, featuring Dan Swift, BSB Design President & CEO, and Robert Cooper, Ph.D., of Cooper Strategic. (pictured below)
  • Commitment to a minimum one-year development initiative



To leverage their commitment to innovation, View Homes engaged in record-setting business performance design made possible through personalized, customized consultations and inspirational content. Throughout the process, View Homes had regularly scheduled access to experts from:

  • A top architecture, design and planning company
  • A leading neuroscience team
  • A premier high-performance business strategy team
  • A proven neurotechnology, data science, and organizational valuation metrics firm

At BSB Design, innovation is hardwired into our corporate culture. To capitalize on this mindset of disruptive thinking and free-flowing ideas, we designed our own physical innovation lab space at our corporate headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.


  • Designed by employees for employees – see our top three submissions here
  • Open access with quick and easy IT set-up for laptops, tablets and video presentations
  • Private focus pods, sit-stand desks and lounge-style tables
  • Glass, texture and BSB Design brand colors
  • New technology to leverage VR/AR, voice-automation, data capture and long-distance collaboration


The space assists BSB Design employees and our clients as we collaborate, create and implement ideas greater than anything our industry has seen before. Experimental technologies, inspirational messaging, room layout and furniture selections all contribute to a unique environment that’s different from our standard office workspaces in both function and purpose.


Unlike other firms in the field of innovation and ideas, we build our models on ultra-practical, real-world effectiveness based on what today’s top performers and record-setters do differently and better, and more simply and powerfully than their competitors. We measure what works, what doesn’t, and why.

We ask a rare and constructively irritating question:

If you had to become the business that puts you out of business in the least amount of time, what would be different and better?

Your custom designed innovation lab will help your teams adopt real breakthrough thinking to win the future in this fast-changing world. Our data science will inform your design, and together with BSB Design and Cooper Strategic, you’ll be poised to create an uncatchable lead.