Collision & Injury Dynamics Inc. Interiors

Torrance, CA

Forensic engineering consultancy Collision & Injury Dynamics (CID) acquired a two floor, 7,500 square feet space and engaged BSB Design's interiors design team to deliver a contemporary workspace with light-filled rooms, transparent workflow and warm modern touches for their staff of 30.

The design solution took advantage of the dual-level space to address CID’s client-facing vs employee needs, and with the integration of a central custom skylight and mirrored second floor cutout, addressed a range of aesthetic, operational goals.

Programmatically, the design is peripherally-focused to suit the client’s working style and aesthetic. A rhythm of open/private offices on the ground floor and office/collaboration venues on the second floor maintained an airy feel. A floating soffit detail, which required working with a structural engineer, MEP engineer and contractor to coordinate hidden mechanical units and recessed lighting, created a more intimate, polished look on each level while maintaining cost-effective exposed ceilings and mechanicals.

The ground floor extends a somewhat formal mood with dark, polished finishes for client interactions. Alternatively, the second floor, with its light and casual finishes and brightly colored accent walls, are punctuated by larger communal areas for staff and analyst gatherings and flexible work interactions. The large cutout in the floorplate maintains a visual connection between the two.