BSB Design started in Jack Bloodgood's barn in 1966, and ever since, we have been firm believers in encouraging work/life balance. We know everyone has a life outside of BSB - family, friends, hobbies and more. In 2021, BSB launched a four-day work week. This has empowered our teams to increase productivity and efficiency as we strive to deliver higher quality design and deliverables in shorter timeframes. That's also why we have invested in state-of-the-art technology and a top notch IT group to allow each and every employee to seamlessly and efficiently work remotely whenever needed. Our focus is on flexibility, teamwork and collaboration.

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As one of the largest architecture firms in the country, our work impacts tens of thousands of people every day - at home, in the office, at school and in public. We're always looking for passionate and talented professionals who aspire to make a difference. If you're ready to be a part of shaping the future of architecture and design, join Team BSB. Check out our current openings below. 

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BSB Design’s Philanthropic Beliefs:

  • We believe in the potential of human spirit; Personal space is important to well being.
  • We believe that everyone is deserving of an affordable, quality home that lasts.
  • We believe in producing social good in the largest measurable form possible.



Abod Shelters was founded in 2009 after Doug Sharp, co-founder of BSB Design, visited South Africa. Doug was moved to take action as a result of witnessing the living conditions of women, children and families in shack settlements. He knew his vision and BSB Design's passionate and talented design team would be able to develop an innovative and affordable solution to housing needs. Today, Abod Shelters has built structures in Ghana, South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania. They have been used for housing, dormitories, classrooms, medical and birthing facilities. The designs are all mobile, allowing them to be moved if needed while still providing safety and shelter. Working at BSB Design, you have the opportunity to get involved with the design and implementation of Abod Shelters and giving back to the world. Check out the winning Abod designs from an internal design challenge hosted by our Innovation Lab leaders. 



Joppa is a non-profit organization based in Des Moines, Iowa that helps the homeless population survive, find housing and rebuild their lives. BSB Design has designed Tiny Home Villages and Cottage Homes for homeless individuals to be built around the Des Moines area. Employees are encouraged to collaborate in designing housing solutions and creating new concepts to effectively alleviate homelessness in Central Iowa. 



Both our Sacramento and Phoenix locations are involved with HomeAid, a non-profit that helps build and renovate temporary, transitional and permanent housing for homeless individuals who have experienced a life-altering event and are rendered temporarily homeless. Burke Bair in our Sacramento office serves on the board of HomeAid Sacramento. We volunteer at build sites, offer architectural services and financially support the organization.  


Leadership at BSB Design has made it a priority to invest in each employee, both professionally and personally. In today's world of innovation, President and CEO, Dan Swift is driving BSB to be “the firm that creates the future.” Each employee is given the opportunity to submit ideas to our internal idea bank, compete in design challenges with incentives and apply to our leadership program.



The BSB Design Innovation Lab is not only a physical space at our corporate headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, but also incorporates an online Idea Bank. Innovation is hardwired into our corporate culture and BSB is filled with brilliant minds. To capitalize on this mindset of disruptive thinking and free-flowing ideas, the Idea Bank was created as a place for employees to submit their creative ideas. Built on three pillars - Empower Employees, Worker Smarter and Future-Proof the Firm - elite action teams can be formed to develop methods in which these ideas will be implemented. The Idea Bank also operates on an incentive program earning employees points to redeem for rewards.


BSB Academy was launched in 2018 after leadership recognized a need to concentrate on leadership development programs. The three-tiered academy helps identify and develop leaders at all levels of BSB Design beginning with New Hire Orientation for all employees. The upper tiers - Boot Camp and Emerging Leaders - are for those who demonstrate potential and express interest in leadership because we believe the future leadership of BSB is our employees. By educating new leaders and developing succession plans, we’re creating a sustainable, resilient organization that can adapt to changing market conditions. Identifying and developing leaders is an ongoing process. We’re building leadership development into BSB to nourish our culture and allow us to grow.


We work hard, but we also love to have fun together. Whether it's a happy hour in the office or an outdoor excursion - fun is had by all! Check out some of the fun memories made by Team BSB.