Contracts Specialist/Corporate Counsel

Des Moines, IA


To anticipate and guard against the legal risks facing a national design firm, this role will monitor all facets of the legal issues affecting the firm’s corporate and local groups; will provide analysis and advise management concerning the firm’s legal rights, obligations, and privileges so that the firm may operate within the law and free from undue liability or claims; and will conduct and coordinate research into a variety of legal issues to ascertain applicable statutes, rulings and precedents affecting the firm.


  • Provides analysis and recommends company policy on legal and procedural issues to include contracts, outsourcing, document retention and project documentation, intellectual property, corporate structure, tax issues, individual and corporate licensing, confidentiality or nondisclosure agreements, stock offerings, compliance issues and mergers & acquisitions.
  • Prepares or reviews contracts for professional services concerning liability and insurance issues; negotiates desired language; acts as trouble shooter on legal issues which may affect the firm.
  • Examines documents, statutes, leases, and other legal papers affecting the firm and informs management of issues. May act as agent of the firm in transactions, as authorized.
  •  Provides assistance on insurance issues.
  • Provides legal counsel on issues arising from actual or anticipated legal claims. Represents the firm in various legal proceedings and participates in settlement negotiations with parties involved. Maintains records and prepares reports and correspondence related to legal issues.
  • Assists with collection of accounts receivable by providing or procuring legal support or representation where needed.
  • Monitors and, where necessary, participates to resolve legal issues or concerns in the area of Human Resources.
  • May serve as point of contact/liaison with outside consultants, including legal, insurance and financial.
  • Writes, reviews, and edits reports, opinions, correspondence, articles, and other documents.
  • Facilitates seminars or otherwise disseminates pertinent legal information to management or other employees.
  • Other related work as assigned or as apparent.


  • Bachelor’s degree and Professional degree or Juris Doctorate degree from an accredited school.
  • Two to four years of related experience in corporate law with construction law or closely related experience preferred.