Project Manager - Multifamily

Sacramento, CA


  • Works with Senior Principal, Principal, or Office Director to define scope of product.
  • Prepares manpower requirements, schedules, budgets, and fee projections.
  • Understands construction methods/procedures. 
  • Develops code searches.
  • Assists in product schematic design process.
  • Initiates design development.
  • Produces contract documents.
  • Keeps project records including code documentation, project history, correspondence, estimates and budgets.
  • Coordinates the staff assigned to projects to meet established schedules and budgets.
  • Assists in the development of technical skills of subordinates.
  • Maintains open communication with clients to avoid problems and improve working relationships
  • Initiates and participates in construction walk-throughs.
  • Checks work of project staff for content and accuracy.
  • Participates in zoning and public hearings, as needed.
  • Participates in projections and billing process to provide accurate information of work progress and additional billing requirements and follows-up on overdue invoices.
  • Initiates remedial action for projects falling behind budgeted hours/dollars.
  • Communicates delays, problems with project, etc. to business director.
  • Promotes the firm within the business community to develop new clients.
  • Coordinates projects with outside consultants hired by client or offices (including engineers, interior designers etc.).
  • Communicates with consultants and coordinates their work.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Proven skills in leadership, communication, marketing, negotiation, and problem solving
  • Must be proficient in the use of computer for design and must understand CAD operations
  • Ability to handle a broad range of functions and to maintain multiple projects in parallel sequence
  • Ability to consistently meet deadlines, completing tasks as previously defined


  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Planning Design, Engineering, or related field is preferred.
  • Three to five years’ experience in assisting with all phases of a project.
  • Additional experience may take the place of some education requirements.