We believe great design makes a difference.

For every project, regardless of product type or market, we strive to achieve two goals: Create success that builds a trusted partnership with our client, and positively impact the way people live, work and play.

Remaining focused on these opportunities fuels our passion for innovation and process improvement. Our dedication to finding new and better ways to design houses, restaurants, apartments, amenities and entire communities will help you create more than just a great project. We'll help you create your legacy.

Our designs have generated lasting impact across the country for more than 50 years. We can help you make your mark, too. Take a look around, then give us a call.



Our firm began by pioneering a revolution in residential architecture, but today our expertise spans multiple specialties and market segments. We collaborate across these disciplines to provide a seamless, immersive design experience regardless of product type.


  • Concept and Schematic Design
  • Charette Consultations
  • Product Programming and Market Research
  • Artwork and Graphics


  • Community, Master and Parcel Planning
  • Landscape and Hardscape Design
  • Identity Packages, Neighborhood Development, Theming and Branding
  • Density and Feasibility Studies


  • Full-Service Architectural Design and CO
  • Exterior Concepts and Theming
  • Brand Strategies and Positioning
  • Environmental Graphics, 3D Models and Renderings


  • New Construction Structural Design
  • Existing Building Analysis and Inspections
  • Construction Documents and Specifications
  • Contact our SE Department


  • Residential and Commercial Interior Design
  • Space Planning, Lighting Design, Artwork and Accessories
  • Construction Documents, 3D Modeling, Renderings and Graphics
  • FF&E Procurement and Installation


  • Construction Administration
  • Site Zoning Assessment and Third Party QA-QC
  • HUD Prime Architect
  • Value Add Project Design Evaluation
  • LEED Qualifications

Great design is always our goal. But if that design doesn’t accomplish our clients’ goals, what good is it? Other than hanging a pretty picture on the wall, not much. That’s why we’ve spent decades perfecting a design process you won’t find anywhere else.


Our process is proven to reduce direct costs while increasing sales velocity and profitability. By directly involving clients, consultants, trades and other stakeholders at key moments throughout the design process, we can effectively eliminate the roadblocks that threaten to waste time and resources. Better yet, we actually listen to these experts and make design revisions in real time so their input immediately impacts our output. This results in better performing product designed within a compressed timeframe.



Plenty of firms provide good architecture, but few can match the results-driven approach of BSB Design. Our clients get access to world-class architecture created through a collaborative, proven product development process. We strive to deliver more than just beautiful buildings. Our designs deliver results.


We've earned our reputation as a results-focused architect by listening to and learning from some of the biggest and brightest builders and developers in the country for more than 50 years. Our offices are filled with top-notch architects, designers, engineers, planners and technical staff, but all that incredible talent can only take a project so far. We believe that full collaboration with clients is the only way to make every project great. As a result, we've refined and perfected our design charette to deliver on one important goal: Increase our clients' return on investment.

Design definitely isn't the biggest line item in your budget, but it can have a massive impact on your bottom line. Our strategic design charette starts every project down the path of profitability by focusing on key performance metrics from the outset. We design to program, budget and market better than anyone, and our clients win more as a result.

We suspect you might doubt that our process really does what we say it can. That's why we created this nifty video to further illustrate how it works. If any of the problems we solve look familiar, give us a call. We'd love to discuss how The BSB Design 10-Step Solution might work for you.


We've come a long way since deciding to revolutionize the housing industry from our first office in Jack Bloodgood's barn. Today, BSB Design remains a premier thought leader in housing innovation, and we have expanded our services to include planning and community design, commercial buildings, club design, mixed use, student housing and more. But none of it would have been possible without the leadership of a true visionary in the housing industry.


As building editor for Better Homes & Gardens magazine, Jack Bloodgood traveled across the country to research regional housing markets. He quickly realized that new homes rarely addressed consumer preferences, especially in production housing. Armed with the belief that "everyone deserves to live in a home designed by an architect," Bloodgood founded Bloodgood Architects in 1966 in Des Moines, IA. His goal was to offer builders and buyers the opportunity to connect with architects and gain access to quality design like they never had before.

Through a plan service and eventually by working directly with large production home builders, Bloodgood and the early pioneers at the firm brought high design to housing for the masses. Under the leadership of Doug Sharp and Doug Buster, the firm expanded into new markets and nearly every product type, price point and construction method in the industry, resulting in some of the most innovative, unique designs ever created.