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When It Comes to Community and Homes, Millennials Often Do ‘Echo’ Boomers

Because of their strong voices, massive buying power, and some surprisingly similar preferences, Boomers and Millennials are shaping communities and design direction now and will for decades to come.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Echo Boomers,’ the passions and attitudes of Millennials do echo Baby Boomers in three key ways, according to TheStreet.com:

  • Both want to be heard and respected
  • Both want to make a difference
  • Both see themselves as rebels and hate being stereotyped

Boomers Have the Power now but also have several values in common with millennials

While Millennials already outnumber Boomers, most are nowhere near peak earnings years and their top assets are at least two decades away from topping out, says BusinessInsider.com. So for now, Boomers’ bank accounts will dictate community planning and home design direction.

But with several similar lifestyle preferences in common, Boomers may actually forge the way for Millennials to have some things they want sooner than later.

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