October 2, 2019 - October 4, 2019

MFE Conference

Las Vegas, NV

 The conference offers a refreshed agenda for a new, more challenging era. Rent control, snowballing costs, hard-to-find and retain talent, and moving-target consumer demand are multifamily’s new normal.

Collective action, collaborative new approaches to technology, shared data, and a new ecosystem of trusted, strategic partners stand as solutions, tactics, and a roadmap to the 2020s. Micro level success may hinge on macro-level effectiveness on educating Americans that multifamily rental communities are America’s attainable housing.

This two-and-one-half day curriculum offers leaders, operators, investors, strategists, and managers a place to accelerate the pace of discovery, spotlight opportunity for action, and plot their organization’s path forward.

The conference will put you in the position to:

  • Compare economics notes and develop strategies to address future supply and demand. 
  • Understand renter preferences and manage for future expectations. 
  • Learn from best practices in risk management and identifying opportunities.
  • Restructure operations to leverage strengths and marry with new partnerships.
  • Strengthen your internal culture to attract and retain talent. 
  • Be active in conversations on process innovations.
  • Build a resilient structure to flexibly react to the digital transformation.