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What Inspires You: Mark Mitchell

There are many experiences along the way that has made the difference. Though these impactful moments may have been fleeting or elongated, it is a thirst for connection to the people, time and space around me that drives my inspiration. It also tends to frequently make me late and keeps me perpetually seeking out a capacious variety of projects.

Relevant iconic pioneers such as architect Santiago Calatrava, artist Nick Cave and Chef Thomas Keller have been passionate fascinations. Cartesian individuals that strive to connect, while at the same time, break common consent. Rooted in experience and understanding, the questions that arise during their creative process and hence, become evident in the results, galvanize my impulse to be a better designer.

“Ultimately inspiration, for me, comes from the world around us… Color and wonder surround us on all sides, everyday of our lives.”

All we need to do is pay attention to it and we can tap into a deep source of joy and living. How often do we trample through the existence of our days, blindly rolling over opportunities to breathe in, hear or lay our eyes upon the beautiful miracles that abound all around us. How sorry would we truly be or what travesty would unfold if we were to take a breath of fragrance from a flower… or stopped to listen to a laughing child. We chance to bankrupt our spirit by casually casting aside this marvelous life all around us.

Mark mitchell – director of commercial & hospitality design

Mark originally joined BSB from 2003-2007 in the Orlando office and has reconnected in our Charlotte office to help activate and grow a new commercial and hospitality studio with a specialty in Interior Design. With over thirty years of design experience, Mitchell relishes finding tangible ways to tell a project’s story.