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What Inspires You: Lothain Sadao

My instructor once said, “If you’re going into architecture just to do the same thing, stop, don’t waste your time. There are a lot of architects out there doing the same thing over and over again. To be an architect, you have to make a difference and have something unique to offer.” Every time I start a new design, I always reflect my instructor’s statement.

What inspires me in the workplace every day is trying to find breakthrough ideas that will bring BSB Design to next the level. Our President/CEO, Dan Swift, frequently sends out inspirational emails that keep me searching for potential breakthrough ideas.

In elementary school, I was a very good artist and always wanted to go into that field when I was older; I just wasn’t sure what kind of art, that is until I toured a high school vocational trade class. I saw all the floor plans and elevations posted on the wall, while the students were working on a drafting table; and that’s when it hit me that there is a hope in my creative ability, called architecture.

Photo Credit: Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

My high school teacher who showed me The Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright, who became my inspiration and it was a defining moment to continue into architecture.

My design influences and development start in architecture school, at SCIARC (Southern California Institute of Architecture) and New School of Architecture, San Diego. My design instructors were instrumental in my design development into a modern style and the art of simplicity in architecture, which is derived from earlier Japanese design style.

The following architects and artists influenced my design style in the past and continue to present. Their works are timeless and still applicable to the current trend in residential design and my work as Designer. (BSB Design does not own any of these photos)

Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright: Open Plan Concept

Japanese architect, Tadao Ando : Art of simplicity, modern and contemporary style

Hispanic/Mexican architect, Luis Barragan: Use of bold colors


Sculpture artist, Isamu Naguchi: Landscape & Furniture design


ARtist, Piet Mondrian: (Cubism) Bauhaus Period

Artist, Kandinsky: (Abstract) Bauhaus Period

Lothain Sadao – designer

Lo joined Team BSB in our Sacramento office in 2003 as a designer and left in 2006 to pursue a path in K-12 school projects. In 2013, Lo decided to come back and continue his work as a designer. Before he joined BSB Design in 2003, he worked as a construction defect investigator with a focus on multifamily litigation through northern California and Nevada.