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What Inspires You: Jeremy White

Ultimately, what inspires me is right-brained creations with left-brained simplicity and imagination.

Design Influences are pretty loose for me as I really believe that inspiration can and should come from anything or anyone at any time. Historically, the few individuals that come to mind when looking for some kind of design/artistic push are the following:

Da Vinci – He inspires me to be great at all things and investigate endlessly…to be a Renaissance Man.

Sam Mockbee – He immersed himself in one of the most impoverished communities in the US to make the statement that money doesn’t equal great design or creative genius…essentially, he forces me to work with what I’ve got and never make preconceived judgements on who is deserving of great design!

Shel Silverstein – Reading his poetry always puts a smile on my face and makes me think with the freedom of a child.

Rube Goldberg – How can you not consider his work art…especially if the definition of art is to create conversation and debate…His work epitomizes beauty in the process.

I think the movements of a flag…the sound of steel being forged…the vastness of my inbox…all can be part of that inspiration in one way or another. We just have to open our eyes to it and be willing to search through the layers.

Jeremy White – Director of Design

Jeremy White brought his design and creative juices with student housing and multifamily with the merger between Entasis and BSB Design. Now as the Director of Design in the Charlotte office, White seeks every opportunity coast to coast to elevate the design for each and every BSB client experience.

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