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What Inspires You: Ed Binkley

“Perhaps my biggest inspiration, as an architect/designer, comes from my ears, eyes and experiences. I listen, read, look at photos, explore and have collaborated with many creatives through the years.”

I seek the opportunity to design places where people choose to go…to live…to love…to celebrate…and to also, unfortunately, grieve. A person’s home contributes greatly to their lifeline and we are privileged to play a role in its creation. Every line, door swing, and wall, a designer puts on paper becomes a graphic interpretation of the factors that go into creating a home that will create memories and reflect a lifestyle fitting of the residents.

Ed Binkley, AIA, design of Inspire project Laurate Park in Lake Nona. FL.

The folio of homes I have designed through the years ranging from zero budget to (practically) unlimited…and range in size from 200 square feet to well over 16,000. There have been so many lessons learned from these experiences as there are many crossover elements that apply to all. Bottom line it’s still about creating “Home”. Part of the creation of home is understanding a budget and how upfront decisions can affect the practicality and affordability. Lessons learned in the 200-square foot home can apply to larger homes, and the higher budget homes open ideas for how to make small home homes live more graciously.

Ed Binkely, AIA, design of Inspire project Corsica at Talis Park in Naples, FL.

Architects and Designers that continue to inspire me are not necessarily the “legends” but tend to be those that are doing some fantastic work recently and currently. As an Architect, I am inspired by those that look at creating a home as an obligation, a service we are educated to offer that enriches lives…pretty much a win-win. I have been fortunate throughout my career to have been surrounded and influenced by a great number of architects and designers that I feel have a shared vision…(however, I won’t mention names at the risk of leaving someone out….)

I tend to take, I’ve been told, a somewhat non-conventional approach to design, perhaps I overthink situations and some of my solutions can be looked at as “out of the norm”. But I do always put end users in the spotlight and seek to design those quirky/creative elements that make a home unique, functional, and worthy…and occasionally those out of norm solutions also become norms.

“Bottom line for me is to understand your client’s needs, wants, and goals…connect to inspiration and the opportunity…then, just follow the pen…”

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ED BINKLEY, AIA – Design director

Ed started his career with BSB in 1999 by opening the Orlando office, as a Partner, then later became the National Design Director until 2009. At that time, Binkley left BSB to pursue concepts in affordable and relief housing with a strong focus in developing needs for Third World countries, and most specifically in Haiti. Binkley returned to BSB Design in 2014 as Design Director in our Tampa office.