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What Inspires You: Doug Wirth

“For me, design is not something that is intellectual; it’s much more of a spontaneous act.”

I never think of myself as being particularly inspired… certainly not by any specific influences. My approach to design is mostly just to “Let It Happen”. Every project has at least some parameters (style, scope, type, scale) laid out at its inception.  My process is to work within those boundaries to guide the design as it takes shape, but not to rigidly determine what the final result will be. More often than not, a design seems to take on an identity and character of its own without the need for many conscious choices about aesthetic specifics. My best design work occurs when I feel almost as if I am observing the process more so than acting as a decision maker.


Doug Wirth has been with BSB Design since 2014 as an Architect and Designer in the Chicago office.  Wirth has 14 years of experience in the design and planning of residential, mixed-use and multifamily buildings nationwide.