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There’s No Box Here.

2017 has been a busy year, but it’s been good to BSB Design. We launched our Innovation Lab, which has given our team the space – physically and mentally – to think more collaboratively and focus on ignoring the “box.”

BSB has also spent the past year working alongside Meritage Homes and Builder Magazine to create the reNEWable Living Home that fits the current and future needs of a multigenerational homebuyer and their family. This innovative space and challenging home design that addresses prospective needs has opened the door for BSB Design to bring designs to all markets that inspire.

THE BREWER AT Laureate Park

This market housing project is a fresh, unique design focusing on spaces that we typically ignore. Wasted space in the front yard is used for a privacy buffer, glass garage doors are used as openings for a better flow to indoor and outdoor entertainment space. Where a typical roof would be, a top deck entertainment space utilizes commonly wasted space. This award-winning design was one developed by ignoring the box. It brings something totally new to market housing.


At BSB Design, we aren’t afraid of bold colors. We encourage their use and embrace them. We frequently utilize multiple materials and colors to emphasize design and architectural details. If done correctly, it can make the design elements stand out, building curiosity.

THE Creamery at Alkali Flat

Designing homes with regional sensitivity is something BSB excels at. One of our more challenging projects was The Creamery at Alkali Flat because it is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sacramento. We created urban contemporary homes that stand out in the neighborhood, but don’t overpower the meaningful history.


Every housing market is different based on location and the people that reside there. In the Midwest, a heated driveway may be high on the list, while in the South, hurricane proof exteriors are a must. In warmer climates, it’s critical to create smooth transitions from indoor to outdoor living spaces, which is why we utilize large folding glass doors that lead out to a seamless pool at Whitewing. We’ve also made sure to create more living space by creating multiple outdoor entertainment areas.