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The Importance of Volunteering

The primary goals for any volunteer is to help those in need and to give back to the community. There are other ways to help those in need besides volunteering, like donating money, food, clothing and supplies. These donations are extremely important, appreciated and vital to any person or entity in need but are different than volunteerism. While volunteers are achieving the goal of helping others, there is a hidden reward waiting.

When people volunteer by donating their time and physical self, they can more strongly feel the change and effect they’re having a cause. A pile of lumber becomes a home for a family that had nowhere to go. Many hands mix together simple ingredients turning them into thousands of meals for starving children and families. It’s a different feeling, and it can be one of the most rewarding feelings.

A sketch showing abōd shelter village, with multiple abōd shelters in a group setting

BSB Design sketch of Abōd Shelter Village

At BSB Design, we strive to motivate and inspire our employees to volunteer for programs they’re passionate about. BSB Design Co-Founder, Doug Sharp, traveled to Africa several years ago and was moved to take action as a result of witnessing the living conditions of women, children and families in informal shack settlements. Sharp tasked himself and the talent at BSB to design shelters that could be assembled in just one day and used materials produced in Africa. With a successful shelter design, Abōd Shelters was born. Abōd Shelters is a 501(c) non-profit that focuses on providing innovative housing solutions to those in need. The non-profit has expanded to not only creating homes, but also birthing centers, dormitories, technology centers and classrooms.

photo of the tiny home designed by BSB Design and brought to life thanks to Joppa Outreach

Tiny Home designed by BSB Design, Photo Courtesy of Joppa Outreach

BSB Design has also been working with Joppa to create a housing solution in Central Iowa for homeless individuals. Two different tiny home designs create a “village” and a housing solution that is tangible and affordable. Members of the Des Moines community came together and built the tiny homes this past month.

Shelter is a main part of survival and there are many individuals who do not have a roof above their heads at night. BSB Design believes everyone is deserving of an affordable, quality home that can withstand the elements. Because of this value, we assist in building and designing housing for those in need whenever possible.

Along with founding Abōd Shelters and working alongside Joppa to help homelessness, BSB Design partakes in many different volunteer groups around the country. For more details about BSB Design’s work around the world in our local communities, please visit our Community Giving page on our website.