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Chicago Insider Teresa Bateman Joins BSB Design as Business Developer

A 30-year career in the construction industry has taught Teresa Bateman a thing or two. Now she’s putting that experience to work for BSB Design as a Business Developer in the firm’s Chicago office and throughout the region. She started January 2, 2018, just in time to attend this week’s International Builders’ Show on behalf of BSB Design.

Walking the Walk

Teresa has worked extensively in construction and development, and her expertise spans all areas of the project process. She spent 24 years with Wiseman Hughes and NGD specializing in residential, multifamily and commercial developments. She held executive positions in design, government relations and procurement and managed pre-construction approvals, supply chain/contracting, purchasing, product development, and safety for multiple $125 million+ projects. As a result, Teresa understands the daily challenges of builders and developers and the hurdles they must overcome to achieve a successful project.

So why the change at this point in her career? Teresa said, “I wanted to align myself with a progressive organization where I can share my product development, design passions and construction experience. BSB Design embodies my core principles.” This means putting clients first, maintaining an innovation mindset, and being truly committed to a builder’s success.

Before joining Team BSB, Teresa worked alongside BSB Design on our clubhouse design, Metro59.

She worked with BSB Design on several projects during her career, so she understands the value of their collaborative approach. “BSB has proven that they want to be a full business partner, not just a design partner. They engage each client with the goal of elevating the building profession.” Product design is just one part of that goal. BSB’s attentiveness and insight from start to finish was a big reason Teresa joined the firm.

Talking the Talk

Teresa has been intricately involved in the Chicago development scene, so she’s well-qualified to offer insight:

  • Single Family For-Sale: Chicago has seen a shift in this market as communities try to find ways to create affordable new housing.
  • Infill: Unique opportunities and mini-markets are prime for infill development, in part due to exorbitant suburban land prices. Preserving neighborhood continuity is crucial to win over homeowners, especially for multifamily projects.
  • Rental: The rental market is on fire and is breathing new life into stale developments, helping younger residents find their own place.
  • Remodel: Chicago is still the top market in the country for remodeling, with opportunities to refresh existing neighborhoods through innovative architecture. Builders who introduce affordable, updated design solutions will enhance Chicago streetscapes one home or building at a time.
  • Challenges: Like everywhere else in the country, government and labor continue to pose challenges that filter through every aspect of our industry. The budget crisis led to departmental cuts and increased regulations and development costs. But builders who can find ways to enhance their value proposition for buyers will find wins anyway.

Changing Seats

From hiring architects to working for them, Teresa has a unique perspective on how BSB Design can assist builders and developers. Throughout her career, she’s maintained the goal of helping all parties communicate, translate and navigate the multitude of layers in the business of design development. At BSB Design, she’s reupping that goal, and builders and developers in the Chicago area stand to benefit.

Teresa Bateman is a Certified Green Builder and has served board terms with the Home Builders Association (HBA) and Residential Construction Employers Councils (RHBA). She has also served as an owner’s representative consultant for investors and developers as well as a government liaison for HUD projects during document processes and approvals.