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Strategic Retooling to Focus on Buyers

Step 1: Elevations For the past 8 to 10 years, many single family builders in the Chicago area have been hesitant to invest in new plans or portfolio updates. Buyers seem to be content staying put or shopping existing homes instead of considering new product. But even though consumer data doesn’t seem to support a…

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Enticing Buyers with Transitional Design

Many first-time buyers and young families are waiting longer to purchase homes than previous generations did. When they finally decide to buy, some projects naturally captivate their interest, especially when they offer distinctive design, functional lifestyle layouts and compelling price points. Piquing that initial interest starts at the street. Not all younger buyers want modern,…

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Built for Rent Single Family Homes

Townhomes have become the go-to option for many first-time buyers, but some builders are upping the ante with new detached rental products that redefine the path to homeownership. As Millennials experience major life changes, like marriage, children and advancing careers, they are embracing another change that combats the high cost and permanent decision of buying…

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