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Small Changes in Housing That Make a Big Impact

By David L. Copenhaver

We know that housing design doesn’t change overnight. It does, however, need to constantly evolve to keep up with the latest trends and what homebuyers desire. So how do we create this happy medium?

Small Changes = BIG Impact.

Even the smallest adjustments to a floor plan design can tremendously affect demand. We’re seeing these small changes turn into long-term trends over time.


ReNEWable Living Home

Although you may think kitchens have been somewhat staying the same, kitchen design has been changing more than you know. When you picture a highly desirable kitchen, what do you envision? Large island? Lots of storage? Clean, clutter-free counters? This can be achieved by creating a morning kitchen. The morning kitchen keeps clutter away from the main area and adds additional storage. Typically, a pocket office or a large pantry off the morning kitchen is also included. So, although the kitchen may appear similar, there’s more behind closed doors.

Formal Dining

Blackstone at Vistancia

Dining rooms are one of the least used rooms in the home nowadays. Once the holidays pass, they become displays for china and glassware and underutilized square footage. So, it makes sense that we’re seeing this space being transformed into a more functional space. Don’t get us wrong, the square footage is still included, but is allocated as a flex space rather than a formal dining area. It can remain a dining space or be used as a playroom, office, hobby room, or anything the homebuyer wishes.

Outdoor Spaces

Laureate Park rooftop patio showing a large table and sitting area for entertaining

Laureate Park

With land costs rising, lot sizes are getting smaller. This means yard space is being sacrificed to keep as much square footage as possible. This challenge has called for out of the box thinking when it comes to outdoor spaces. Utilizing rooftop space rather than a back patio is one of the solutions. Plus, the views are better! Many homes are being built in communities with outdoor amenities, making a smaller yard less of an issue for a potential buyer.


ReNEWable Living Home

Storage space can fill up fast. You may think, “I don’t have that much stuff,” but it definitely adds up! Many people have no choice but to store their unused belongings in a storage unit, rather than in their homes. To avoid that extra cost and inconvenience, working in storage to typically unusable areas of the home is ideal. Under the stairs or in the garage are great places we like to start.

Adjusting floor plans to add these small changes can make a huge impact on the success of any design. BSB Design is constantly researching the market to deliver designs that are disruptive and innovative to the housing industry.

About the Author

David L. Copenhaver — AIA

Partner — Dallas

Dave's knowledge of the industry and design trends throughout the country, combined with his commitment to providing immediate response and follow through, make him an invaluable resource to his clients.