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Scratch Starting From Scratch

Partnering with BUILDER and Meritage Homes, BSB Design has designed the reNEWable Living Home, a multigenerational home that interacts with its residents in many ways. BSB began with a Meritage Homes design that was already a proven success modified (and improved) from there.

Using an existing successful floor plan helped us build on the old and welcome the new. Instead of creating a home that is seemingly “typical” to today’s production home communities, BSB spent hours in research and development focused on multigenerational homebuyers to determine what spaces are important to them. The overall objective was to create a home that responded to and changed with the needs of its inhabitants, while enabling a comfortable, dignified living environment for the entire household through outstanding architecture.

Starting with the owner’s entry, BSB understands that most of the time, you aren’t using your front door when arriving home. You also may not be ready to interact with other family members or start your long to-do list right away. The owner’s entry was created as a transition space to pause and prepare, setting the tone for the rest of the evening.


Some of the most important elements of the design are the private bedrooms suites. The multigenerational family needs separate, private areas while also having collaborative spaces when desired. This arrangement helps create a relaxed environment – residents are not tripping over each another and private space is available for those seeking solitude. The home includes an additional loft area designed as another secluded living space with a pocket office, heavy bar, living room and bedroom.

Trends also showed that along with living in a multigenerational household, many couples sleep in separate rooms to enhance sleep quality. In the past, many households utilized the guest suite as an additional owner’s bedroom, but we have designed an extra room adjacent to the owner’s bedroom to address this trend.

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