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Modern Farmhouse Design for the Production Build

Funky rooflines and bold colors aren’t the only ways to add modern design to your portfolio. The modern farmhouse is a great first step toward updating product lines, and it has become a national phenomenon. We’ve designed it coast to coast at all price points, so we know it works in the production build environment. If you haven’t offered a modern farmhouse in your portfolio yet, there’s still plenty of time to implement plans that will capitalize on this massive wave of consumer preference.

Standard Lot Single Family Farmhouse

Castle Pines, CO

Courtesy of Lennar

We designed this series as a blend of Colorado ranch and modern farmhouse, and the results are spectacular. Buyers love the authentic feel created by some very simple (and fairly inexpensive) details, such as the front porch post bracketing and railing cross members.

In some markets, materials and trades might price the metal roof option right out of your budget, but in Denver, these features are essential to achieve the curb appeal buyers expect at this price point. Builders are investing 1 ½ to 2% more in exteriors to stand out from the competition, capturing the imagination of buyers with elevations that sell themselves.

See the full project here.

Cluster Lot Single Family Farmhouse

Sacramento, CA

Board and batten siding on strong vertical elements are softened by wide front porches and shuttered windows, creating a very inviting, down-home streetscape. Even in this cluster lot configuration, the color, material and accent details of the farmhouse style help each home stand out individually. The builder expanded the feel of these smaller homes by stretching porches and patios to near the lot line and seamlessly integrating outdoor elements with the rest of the home.

See the full project here.

Modern Farmhouse Design Elements in Multifamily

Conceptual Design

Even though the concept of a farmhouse is typically reserved for single family dwellings, the elements that have become so appealing for buyers can be incorporated into multifamily designs with great success. Effective use of stylistic cues enables a larger, multi-unit building to impart the allure of farmhouse design.

This tri-plex autocourt illustrates how key components of the trend help the building feel more modest, and the clean lines and detailing reference the simple country life. Most notable are the distinctive front porches and roof gable details. The porches in particular help soften the larger mass of the building and become quaint, inviting gateways to each individual unit.

A Trend worth Trying

“Modern” often invokes images of angled oddness and bold color, so many builders shy away from it. But in the case of the modern farmhouse, builders can take a more reserved step toward modern designs. Today’s farmhouses use contemporary design features in traditional-feeling ways. They offer an easier transition for production-style builders who want to move beyond semi-generic looks and into something more distinct.