Kartheek Hadadi Krishnaprasad

Structural Engineer I


Throughout his career, Kartheek has been integral in streamlining and improving processes to enhance productivity. At BSB Design, he is instrumental in refining the collaboration among project team members from multiple disciplines, and his process focus has increased speed and accuracy of our deliverables. This coordinated, process-driven effort helps our architects and engineers collaborate in real-time and achieve a high level of efficiency.

Kartheek has specific engineering experience in the design and analysis of post-tension slab on grade / elevated decks, conventional reinforced slabs, retaining walls, wood framing and shear walls for multi-story commercial and residential buildings, including HUD-related projects. His structural design projects have utilized a variety of systems, including steel, timber, ICF walls and BuildDeck Floor & Roof decking.

EMAIL: kkrishnaprasad@bsbdesign.com