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Investing in Your Workspace

The nature of work has changed greatly, so why haven’t we redesigned how our offices function?

Full-time working Americans report logging an average of 47 hours per week, and nearly four in 10 workers report logging 50+ hours a week. Where we spend our time greatly affects our mood, productivity levels and overall happiness. With that being said, we believe investing in your workspace is critical to winning the future.

This space should be designed to create high productivity levels, promote happiness and incite innovation. But sometimes even the best office spaces don’t spur innovation. It takes commitment to creating something out of the ordinary if you want the best from your employees.

But how?

It starts by creating a space where employees can “escape” the 9-5 office job feeling. A space where they are free to think alone or collaborate. A place that doesn’t feel a whole lot like work.

Innovation Lab Design

BSB Design has not only created our own innovation lab space at our headquarters but also worked alongside a world-renowned, high-performance business strategy company, Cooper Strategic, to lead View Homes to the space that works for them. We want to share these spaces with everyone who wants to invest in their own workspace.

Ask yourself this: If you had to become the business that puts you out of business in the least amount of time, what would be different and better?

We have developed a streamlined, distinctive and disruptive approach to making your company’s most profitable innovation automatic. We want to help grow your performance and positively transform your culture. Together with BSB Design and Cooper Strategic, you’ll achieve record-setting performance.

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