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Introducing BSB Design’s New Website 2.0 Features!

We are proud to introduce several new features that have been added to our website for your convenience and enhanced experience:

  1. Learn more and easily share information about events BSB Design participates in throughout the year.
  2. Find links to all of the articles about BSB and our projects when they hit the news – all in one place.
  3. Learn more about our resident experts and professionals contributing to our blog. The “authors” are now identified at the bottom of each story they’ve written or contributed to.
  4. Visit each of our team locations virtually with individual pages for each of our offices.

Check out our Website 2.0 features below with links to each page!

1. Each Event on the Events Page is Linked to Its Own Individual Event Information Page

2. BSB Design is “In the News” More Than You Think (and More Than We Even Realized)

3. Click on the author’s name at the bottom of a blog to see all of their articles.

Gehan Custom Home BathroomSee example of About the Author at the bottom of this blog>>

4. Each Location On Our Directory Page Now Clicks to Its Own Individual Office Page.

Des Moines, IA Office
Des Moines, IA Office
Philadelphia, PA - Office
Philadelphia, PA – Office
Charlotte, NC - Office
Charlotte, NC – Office
Phoenix, AZ - Office
Phoenix, AZ – Office
Chicago, IL - Office
Chicago, IL – Office
Sacramento, CA - Office
Sacramento, CA – Office
Dallas, TX - Office
Dallas, TX – Office
Tampa, FL - Office
Tampa, FL – Office
Denver, CO - Office
Denver, CO – Office
Washington, D.C. - Office
Washington, D.C. – Office
Orange County, CA - Office
Orange County, CA – Office