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Introducing the BSB Design Innovation Lab!

As announced last week, the winner of our Plan Duel Competition, Team Beta, blew the judges away with their groundbreaking design for the BSB Innovation Lab. Since the winning design was chosen, we’ve been working hard to complete the lab space for people to collaborate and share their ideas.

In case you’ve missed our last few blog posts, the company-wide Plan Duel Competition encouraged our employees to become passionate about designing our new Innovation Lab; a space that can be used to collaborate and explore the “why,” “what if” and “how.”

We Get Rid of The Box

BSB Design Innovation lab logoTo be a leader of trends, many say you need to “think outside the box.” At BSB Design, we adopt a mindset that there is no box. For us, the Innovation Lab is more than a physical space. President and CEO Dan Swift encourages BSB staff to adopt an innovative mindset, to let our thoughts flow freely and urges disruptive thinking. No idea is too crazy or far out to be considered for further exploration.

Let’s Get Technical

The physical Innovation Lab space at our corporate headquarters in Des Moines is a tool to assist BSB and our clients to collaborate, create and implement ideas greater than anything our industry has seen before. The technology featured in this space will help BSB continue to lead trends and offer our clients the best possible experiences and service.

Collaboration between our multiple offices around the country is vital. A SMART Board in the Innovation Lab is available to share notes in real time and programs like WebEx and Microsoft Teams are used to facilitate meetings and communication. Our goals is to efficiently share ideas and information between our national offices and clients.

In addition to the high-quality renderings our artists currently produce, BSB now uses virtual and augmented reality platforms like the Occulus Rift to help clients further connect visually with their projects. Amazon Echo assists with automation in the space by allowing control over lights and temperature in addition to providing access to music and information.

Innovation Meets Comfort

To reach full innovative potential, one must be comfortable and relaxed so the mind is free to imagine. That’s why several different work spaces have been incorporated to accommodate more personal preferences. Isolation pods with footstools and task lights provide secluded areas for individuals to lounge and focus. For those that prefer to sit at an elevated height or stand an island of bar height desks is available. A third area provides a lounge height table for a group of up to four people to gather and utilize the SMART Board and TV for sharing ideas.

quote "The innovation Lab at BSB is a palce to create, share and inspire our employees and clients."

Special attention was paid to the overall interior design for the space to provide an inspirational environment. Vinyl wall graphics utilize the BSB Design orange and grey colors to further the BSB Design Brand and add visual interest. The hexagons on the long wall break up the wall vertically. A word wall in the meeting room reminds users of the many aspects of innovation. BSB collaborated with Goldray Glass to create a unique glass message wall to define the meeting room. The glass wall is a collection of digitized handwritten quotes on innovation by BSB employees. An oversized BSB Design Manifesto is framed and prominently displayed in the space as a constant reminder to users to push the limits. Above the isolation pods, reclaimed signage letters were collected to spell the word “think.” Because failure is an inevitable piece of innovation, a Big Wall of Failures includes a basketball hoop above a trash can for users to dispose of their unsuccessful ideas. As BSB’s innovative mindset is adopted and ideas are explored and implemented, we anticipate the Innovation Lab will grow to fit the needs of the future we strive to create for our clients, ourselves, and our surroundings.