Innovation Lab

To be a leader of trends, many say you need to “think outside the box.” At BSB Design, we adopt a mindset that there is no box. For us, the Innovation Lab is more than a physical space. President and CEO Dan Swift encourages BSB staff to adopt an innovative mindset, to let our thoughts flow freely and urges disruptive thinking. No idea is too crazy or far out to be considered for further exploration.

The physical Innovation Lab space at our corporate headquarters in Des Moines is a tool to assist BSB and our clients to collaborate, create and implement ideas greater than anything our industry has seen before. The technology featured in this space will help BSB continue to lead trends and offer our clients the best possible experiences and service.

Here are a few items we have in our space:

  • A SMART Board in the Innovation Lab is available to share notes in real time and programs like WebEx and Microsoft Teams are used to facilitate meetings and communication. Our goal is to efficiently share ideas and information between our national offices and clients.
  • BSB now uses virtual and augmented reality platforms like the Oculus Rift to help clients further connect visually with their projects.
  • Amazon Echo assists with automation in the space by allowing control over lights and temperature in addition to providing access to music and information.